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  • Adobe Video Editing Training

    Posted on 18th October 2021 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Video Editing Training

    We run various Video Editing Training Courses including Premier Pro and After Effects both of which are available onsite and online. There was a request from an existing client of ours to run bespoke training in both of these and also look at the video tools in Photoshop. 


    So September saw us return back to the beautiful Cotswold’s…


    To be exact Cirencester to deliver a block of Adobe Video Editing Training Courses’s including Adobe After Effects Training, Premier Pro Training and Photoshop Video Training.


    After all the events of the past year it doesn’t seem five minutes since we were last there but we were so glad to be back among friendly people.


    It was in fact a year to the month since we were last there and it was so good to be back delivering onsite training courses again.


    Premier Pro v After Effects

    Quite often when we run video editing courses we are asked which piece of software would be best for the client. In this particular instance our clients were quite clear they wanted to cover all and knew exactly what they wanted to gain from the software. 


    So which is best for you?

    Quite often the choice comes down to which package you personally know best. Premier Pro is primarily a video editing package whereas After Effects is used to build high impact visuals. As said before some people use one all the time and find they don’t need anything else.


    Adobe Video Editing Training

    This was a mix of training but a large part of it was focused on video editing & creating animations using both After Effects & Premier Pro.


    One of the courses delivered was an Introduction to After Effects course which the delegates wanted to use to design animations for short social media reels and branding animations.


    Adobe After Effects Training
    what is After Effects?

    Adobe After Effects Training Course online and onsite across the UKAfter Effects is animation software used to create stunning visual effects such as kinetic type, animated shapes and graphics. 


    When you hear the job title Motion Graphics Artist there’s a good chance it involves After Effects. Used widely to create animated intro’s, title sequences and moving text and create high impact social media reels AE is probably the most popular animation creator on the planet.


    For example a video editor may want to use After Effects to collate short video clips, add an animated title and audio effects whereas an educator might want to make an Explainer Clip.


    What is an Explainer Video?


    These are short online marketing videos which are used to describe or explain something – for example a service or a specific product. If you take a look here on Explainer Video it will give you an idea of what they are. Once created they usually appear on a prominent part of a company website such as product pages or the home page.


    Find out more about After Effects Explainers


    It literally has a staggering array of tools including special visual and audio effects. These can be tweaked in more ways than can be imagined to create fantastic unique animations for multiple projects and people just love working with the Effect library.


    After Effects
    did you know?


    After Effects, like Photoshop works with layers which gives great flexibility when working with animation. By using these layers you can also import a Photoshop file with all its layers intact which obviously opens up a great big design opportunity.


    After Effects – Quick Tip


    Import Photoshop File to After Effects

    Double click in After Effects Project panel


    Select the Photoshop (PSD) file you want to import


    In the Import Kind drop down box choose ‘Retain Layer Sizes’


    Under Layer Options choose ‘Editable Layer Styles’


    Click OK to import





    View our Introduction to After Effects Course Content


    Premier Pro Training 

    We covered most of the default Introduction to Premier Pro course outline over two days. With most of the delegates quite new to Premier Pro this worked well however we followed more of a workshop approach on the second day.


    Video Editing Training Premier Pro Training CoursePremier Pro is used for editing footage for movies and the web, for example how to videos, documentary or film.


    It is all about editing footage, adding clips and working with sound and vision. In essence any video that comes out of a camera is a candidate for Prem Pro.


    In Premier Pro you can work on a frame by frame basis to create specific movie effects and sounds. Most of the videos imported into Premier Pro consist of multiple tracks containing video and audio which can be worked with together or independently of one another. These can then be melded together to create slow motion effects, overlaid or have smooth transitions applied between tracks.


    View our Introduction to Premier Pro Course Content


    Are Premier Pro & After Effects the same?

    After Effects is a wonderful piece of software but its name kind of gives you a clue about its role. It is used after footage has been edited which is usually done in Premier Pro which has different playback and layout capabilities or as a standalone animator.


    Photoshop Video Editing 

    Photoshop Video Editing Training CourseWe also worked with Photoshop’s Video Tools as the delegates were keen to get as much insight into video editing as possible. Just on an offside during the Photoshop Training we created a social media image in Photoshop then imported it as a layered PSD file to work with in After Effects.


    Although with none of the editing capabilities of the above software Photoshop does pack its own punch when it comes to video editing. It actually comes with its own timeline built in which offers two options direct video editing or frame based edits.


    It is ideal for anyone who is looking to produce short, sharp and snazzy social media videos or basic simple GIF’s.


    What is a GIF?

    GIF is short for Graphical Interchange Format and has been since 1987. They were invented so images could be edited in small file sizes. They are in essence a set of images that loop continuously.


    You can find out more information in the Photoshop Training link below. 


    Photoshop Social Media Training Course


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