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    Photoshop Elements Training Course


    Online Creative Cloud Training Courses & Onsite

    OurAdobe Photoshop Elements Course can either be hosted onsite at your premises or as an Online Photoshop Elements Training session via video link with a live instructor.


    On this course you will learn to create, edit and manipulate photo’s for print or digital output. 


    This course is designed for anyone looking to get a firm basic grasp of Photoshop Elements so is perfect for absolute beginners, or anyone looking to fill in existing gaps in their knowledge.


    Who is this Photoshop Elements Training Course for?


    This is an introduction to Photoshop Elements course so perfect for complete beginners or those with some knowledge and looking to increase it.


    Over the years we’ve worked with a huge number of clients from different sectors both public and private. Photoshop Elements is particularly popular with home users but it’s also used extensively in a professional capacity as well.


    But to give you an idea we’ve hosted this Photoshop Elements Training Course for  educators, photographers, admin staff, HR amongst others.


    Photoshop Elements Training Course online & onsite

    This flexible course covers the tools, features and techniques needed to produce professional images for print, web and social media meaning it’s perfect for small businesses or private individuals wishing to create and edit images quickly and easily for work or pleasure.


    As with all our training courses we are happy to work with your content and files to create a completely tailored Photoshop Elements training session.


    Over the years we’ve worked with a huge number of clients from different sectors both public and private. But to give you an idea we’ve hosted this Photoshop Elements Training Course for  educators, photographers, admin staff, HR amongst others.


    What other Adobe Photo Editing Training Courses do you run?


    We run a wide range of photo editing training but these are a few of the most popular courses at the moment.



    How does Online Photoshop Elements Training work?


    Image editing software trainingOur Online Photoshop Elements Training Course is held virtually with a live instructor and run in video conferencing software of your choice including Zoom, Teams, Google or WebEx. 


    Throughout your Elements training course you will have direct contact with your trainer via audio, video and screen sharing, everything is in real-time.


    With live online courses you can learn from anywhere on the planet and speaking of planets one great big plus of an online Affinity Photo Course is to learn without travelling.


    Saving both climate footprints, money and time and of course your environmental footprint is less.


    Graphic Design Lessons Nottingham onsiteWe are happy to record your training session for you to refer back to after the training.


    All our digital design courses are available online. 


    Are the Adobe Training Courses available over the weekend?


    Yes they are, we offer them on a 24 /7 basis and are quite happy to deliver them in full or 1/2 day blocks over the weekend. Please get in touch to discuss this with us.


    Another Added Bonus, or two of Online Creative Cloud Courses:


    Online Photoshop Elements CourseAn added bonus of our online courses is there’s no travel involved meaning less stress on the planet so environmentally it makes great sense.


    No fighting traffic or public transport just get up, have tea /coffee, something to eat, turn on the computer and we’ll be there ready to deliver your course.


    And by the way we don’t care if you’re wearing your Jim-Jams or last nights lop-sided party hat.


    All our digital design courses are available online. If you have any questions about any of our Online Adobe Training courses please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email.


    Find out more about Photoshop Online Training


    What will I learn on this Photoshop Elements Course?


    Adobe Photoshop Elements CourseIn brief you will learn how to work with existing photographs, enhance and retouch photographs and prepare your images for print /social media output. 


    We start at the beginning by learning Elements environment and menus then move onto Tools and Panels to create and edit imagery.


    The course is very flexible and hands on and because they’re private Adobe Training events fully customisable.


    The list shown below is given as a basic outline but there is a more comprehensive Photoshop Elements Course overview at the bottom of the page and if you need further guidance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


        • Meet Photoshop Elements Tools, Panels and Menus
        • Work with and understand colour
        • Photoshop Elements Selection Techniques /Auto Selection
        • Quick and Easy Fixes
        • *Guided Edits (Replace Background, Overlay, Water Colour)
        • Transformations
        • Photoshop Elements Layer Panel and Layers
        • Output to Print and Web


    What are the benefits of an Onsite Photoshop Elements Course?


    Photoshop TrainingThere are a number of benefits to onsite courses but the main ones are that the training focuses entirely on you and your company requirements.


    As the trainer comes directly to you there is absolutely no travelling involved saving your travel and expenses.


    Generally onsite training tends to be cheaper than traditional training.


    We can offer full flexibility and tailor the course content around you and your company and at flexible dates and times to suit you.


    Photoshop Elements Course

    The Photoshop Elements Course content takes between one and two days depending on the amount of people sitting on the training. As this Adobe Elements Course is mainly run for one or two persons a day usually suffices but for larger groups (depending on content) it may take two days.


    As with the other Adobe Training Courses the overviews are only provided as guidance and the actual course content is always discussed prior to the course.  


    Thank you for dropping by.

    Don’t have a good day – have a great one


    Greta Powell Training Ltd



    Photoshop Elements Course - Overviews

    Meeting Photoshop Elements

    Tools Overview

    Panels Overview

    Window Menu

    Photo Editor

    Importing Photos

    Working with the Photo Bin


    Photoshop Elements Tabs

    Media Tab

    People Tab

    Places Tab


    Photoshop Elements Colour

    Colour palette

    Colour models

    Paint bucket



    Photoshop Elements Selections

    Selection Brushes

    Magic Wand, Selection Brush

    Quick Selection /Refine Edge Tools

    Adding/removing/expanding selections


    Retouching Techniques

    Retouching Methods

    Using Clone Stamp Tool

    Using Content Aware Fill

    Content Aware Move

    Spot Healing Brush /Healing Brush

    Photoshop Elements & Layers

    What are Layers?

    Creating Layers

    Working with the Layer Panel

    Editing/ Duplicating/ Deleting Layers

    Hiding /Showing Layers

    Working with Fill Layers


    Adjustment Layers

    What are Adjustment Layers

    Why and When to use Adjustment Layers

    Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer

    Levels Adjustment Layer

    Brightness and Contrast

    Safe Workflows


    Photoshop Elements Transform Tool

    Transforming Objects

    Rotating Objects

    Resizing /Resolution

    Reshaping Objects

    Straightening and Distorting


    Photoshop Elements Environment

    Quick /Guided and Expert Workspaces

    Tools Panel

    Image /Enhance Menus

    Straighten & Crop Tool

    Crop Tool /Setting Crop Presets

    Creating a Montage in Elements

    Work with Multiple Images

    Precise Positioning

    Blending Techniques

    Align & Distribute

    Work with the Crop Tool


    Working with Photos in Elements

    Importing Photo’s from Camera Card

    Editing Photo’s

    Working with Catalogues

    Understanding File Formats


    Photoshop Elements & Type

    Adding Type

    Character /Paragraph Type

    Setting Type Styling

    Text Overlay Templates

    Onsite Photoshop Elements Training Locations

    Our Adobe Photoshop Elements Courses are held UK wide including the Midlands, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Cheshire, Peak District, Chesterfield, Cambridge, Oxford, Stoke on Trent, Nuneaton, Hinckley, Sheffield, Coventry. 


    We travel the length and breadth of the country so please get in touch to discuss locations and how we can help with your training course.

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