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    QuickStart Creative Cloud Training


    Our QuickStart Creative Cloud Training Courses are designed so you can hit the ground running quickly and easily. They are designed to give a solid grounding in the fundamentals giving you the skills to work with photographs, layouts, short marketing videos and vector artwork.


    You can choose your QuickStart training from our Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Acrobat courses. These are hosted either onsite at your premises or as online Creative Cloud Training sessions.


    QuickStart Creative Cloud Training Courses online and onsite

    What are QuickStart Creative Cloud Training Courses?


    These are one day courses designed for people who want to use the software quickly and effectively to produce business, educational or marketing literature without the need to get to deeply involved with the software.


    They are particularly useful for anyone who wants to bring their design in-house and create a variety of documentation for print and web.


    Who are the QuickStart courses for?


    The courses work well for small businesses, students, administrators and anyone needing to create new documents or tweak existing ones. These courses are designed for anyone who has no skills in the software at all and are perfect for complete beginners.


    All you need to sit on this course is basic computer skills and either a MAC or a PC, nothing else.


    What courses are available in the QuickStart Training Series?


    We cover the most popular pieces of software for print, digital and video editing. We are quite happy to mix and match with other software so please mention when you get in touch.


    QuickStart Adobe InDesign Training

    QuickStart Adobe Photoshop Training

    QuickStart Adobe Illustrator Training

    QuickStart Adobe Premiere Pro Training


    QuickStart InDesign Course


    On the InDesign Training you will learn how to create, edit and publish a variety of different spreads from flyers through to short brochures and reports. 


    We start from scratch so you learn how to set documents up using grids, guides and bleeds then work with typography, image placement & text wrapping to produce visually compelling documents intended for print or digital output.


    We follow the full life cycle of creating a document in InDesign and also look at packaging it for professional print and exporting as a PDF.


    QuickStart Photoshop Course


    During your Photoshop Course you will learn to work with the practicalities of the software such as layers, selection tools and special effects to both create and enhance photography.


    You will also learn how to remove complex backgrounds and use some of the new AI tools such as generative fill’s and neural filters to create artwork.


    You will learn how to remove and change backgrounds, remove blemishes from images and add special FX effects such as drop shadows and gradients to give your images an extra sheen.


    As with the InDesign Course we start from scratch and work our way gently through the software and over the course of the day edit both images for print and also design a social media posts


    QuickStart Adobe Premiere Pro Course


    Over the course you will learn how to create a short video with a theme of your choice. As with all our QuickStart courses we will start off with the basics and you will learn how videos are created from multiple clips including audio, video and images.


    You will find out how to work with the timeline to add, remove and edit tracks and then enhance them using colour and transitions. You’ll also look at editing audio by removing background noise and using the AI ‘Enhance Speech’ tool at the same time. Your voice will never sound so good.


    At the end of the course you will find out how to export the video out to various formats including your social media channels.


    How does your Online Creative Cloud Training work?


    Graphic Design Training Courses in the Midlands covering InDesign, Photoshop & IllustratorOur online  Adobe InDesign Courses run virtually with a live instructor giving you direct contact with them throughout the training via video, chat & screen share.


    We run this online training via all the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams, Google and WebEx. It’s your choice which one you prefer.


    We are happy to record your training session for you to refer back to after the training.


    Because online training provides great flexibility we’re able to run our courses on 24 /7 basis including weekends and over night depending on your time zone.


    Find out more about our Online Adobe Courses.


    How does the Onsite Creative Cloud Training work?


    Learn the basics of InDesignsOnsite courses run as 121 sessions, company groups or larger team roll-outs and offer a number of benefits to traditional training.


    There are no travelling or overnight expenses involved.


    The focus on the training is entirely on you and your company requirements


    Onsite training is far cheaper than traditional training. The rule of thumb is that more people from your company on the course then the more cost effective it becomes.


    Before the training you speak directly to the trainer and define the days content & criteria.


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