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  • Online Adobe XD Training

    Online Adobe XD Training


    On this Online Adobe XD Training Course you will learn how to create interactive apps and work with website design. During the XD course you will learn how to create designs quickly and easily using features and tools such as components, repeat grids and layers for testing and prototyping.


    During your XD Training Course you’ll find out how XD’s tools and techniques work so you can create and build app sims, include rich interactivity, micro-animations and build screens and navigation into your design. 


    As well as being available online this XD Course can also be hosted onsite at your premises for one to one sessions or closed company groups.


    Online Adobe XD Training
    what will I learn?

    You will learn how to build apps and micro websites using XD’s tools and features such as :


    • Working in the XD Design Workspace
    • Work with the Design /Prototype /Share Tabs
    • Artboards /Working with /Resizing /Adding, Removing
    • Shapes and Objects and their place in XD Design
    • The Design View
    • The Assets Panel
    • Importing Images /Vectors /UI Elements
    • XD Design & Text
    • XD Components
    • XD Repeat Grid
    • Drawing in XD Design
    • Advanced Image Design in XD
    • Working with Objects in XD
    • Adobe XD Symbols
    • Adobe Experience Design & Interactivity
    • Sharing & Viewing Adobe XD Prototypes


    The full XD Course Content can be viewed at the bottom of the screen


    Online XD Training
    how does it work?

    Online XD Training is very much the same as any of the onsite Adobe Courses except everything is done via the computer screen. The Online XD Training is streamed directly to your device /computer bringing a live instructor to your screen.


    These courses can be delivered to you wherever you’re located – home, office or elsewhere. These are not pre-recorded sessions, they are held live with the instructor with who you have direct audio and visual communication with throughout your training session. Just as if you were on an onsite XD Training Course you will be able to view the trainers screen and share your own with your trainer.


    Find out more – Online XD Training Course


    Onsite Adobe XD Training Courses
    what are the benefits?

    An onsite Adobe XD training course is ideal for large team roll outs, 121 sessions, company groups /workshops. There are a number of benefits to onsite training courses but the main ones are:  


    • The training is focused entirely on your and your company requirements

    • No traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses

    • Cheaper than traditional training

    • The approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs this is not a generic one size fits all course. 

    • Prior to the training you chat with me about your aims, content preferences and levels of delegate /s knowledge

    • InDesign course is tailored to suit you or your team

    • Flexible dates & times to suit you


    Adobe XD Training Dates 

    Because these are online /onsite XD Courses they are completely flexible with training dates organised to fit in around your diary. Depending on the amount of delegates sitting on the XD course we can offer a variety of options from full 1 or 2 day courses through to 1/2 days and bespoke workshops. Because online training is so versatile and our delegates often in different time zones we can offer these courses both during the day and also during more unsociable hours such as evenings and weekends. Please get in touch with us to discuss your training needs.


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    Adobe XD Training – Greta Powell Training



    Online Adobe XD Training - Overviews

    Introducing the XD Design Workspace

    • Tools and Menu Items
    • Setting up your Adobe XD Home screen
    • Previewing your work
    • Design /Prototype /Share Tabs


    Artboards in Adobe XD

    • Adding /Deleting Artboards
    • Resizing Adobe XD artboards


    Adding Objects in Adobe XD Designs

    • Creating shapes and objects
    • Editing shapes
    • Customizing and saving Adobe XD shapes


    Design View in XD

    • Work with XD Tools Panel
    • Align & Distribute
    • Group /Ungroup Grid
    • Components
    • Layout /Responsive Resize
    • Appearance /Blend Mode


    Importing Objects into XD

    • Importing Photos
    • Importing Vectors
    • Importing UI Elements into Adobe Experience Design


    Drawing in XD Design

    • Learning & Drawing with the Pen Tool
    • Editing Pen Paths & Pen Handles
    • Pen Tips & Tricks
    • Custom Paths /Corner Radius Values
    • Shape Attributes /Stokes /Fills /Gradients /Blurs /Drop Shadows


    Assets Panel

    • What are Assets?
    • Colours, Character Styles
    • Components
    • Audio
    • Link Assets
    • Share Assets
    • Update Assets
    • Apply & Reuse Assets


    XD & Text

    • Adding /Editing Text
    • Importing Text
    • Adobe XD UI Kits


    XD Components

    • Create & Manage Components
    • Component Instances
    • Edit Main Components
    • Over-ride Component Instances
    • Add States to Components
    • Make Components Interactive


    Importing images into Adobe XD

    • Masking images
    • Cropping images in Adobe XD


    Using the Adobe XD Repeat Grid

    • Importing updated text into your grids

    Working with objects in Adobe XD

    • Grouping and ungrouping
    • Cloning Adobe XD objects
    • Aligning and distributing


    Adobe XD Symbols

    •  Creating and editing existing symbols


    Creating interactivity within Adobe Experience Design

    • Creating links in an Adobe XD project
    • Creating transitions between screens
    • Simulating user interactions with the None transition
    • Creating back links


    Sharing & Viewing your Adobe XD Prototype

    • Viewing XD Design on Mobiles
    • Device Preview
    • Recording Prototypes
    • Sharing XD projects Online
    • XD into Behance


    Using Photoshop with Adobe XD – Optional

    • Creating Multiple Screens
    • Pixel Perfect Grids (precise layout)
    • Prototyping interactions and transitions
    • Designing for different screen sizes
    • Sharing design specs with developers

    Online XD Courses 

    First person £250.00 all inc

    Subsequent persons £60.00 per person all inclusive


    Onsite XD Courses

    First Person £300.00 all inc per day

    Subsequent Persons £80.00 per person all inc per day


    Special rates available for charities 


    Please get in touch to discuss your training options

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