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  • Illustrator Advanced Course

    Illustrator Advanced Training 

    This Adobe Illustrator Advanced Course provides the skills necessary to produce illustrated digital art for fashion, artwork, infographics etc.  It shows you how to work with the in-depth controls of the tools and features contained inside Illustrator such as the Auto Trace Panel, Illustrator 3D tools and advanced patterns and textures. I travel UK wide delivering Adobe Illustrator Training so please get in touch for a chat about how together we can make this Illustrator course work best for you. 


    Who is this course for?

    The course is ideal for 121 sessions, small company groups and team roll-outs. You need to have either worked with Illustrator quite intensely in the workplace or to have attended either the Illustrator Introduction Course or Illustrator Intermediate to attend this training. 


    This Adobe Illustrator Advanced course content takes between one and two days depending on the amount of people sitting on the training – for one person a day usually suffices but for small groups of between 4 and 6 people two days is more realistic.


    Adobe Illustrator Advanced Course
    what will I learn?

    • Advanced Colour
    • Colour Themes
    • Colour Sharing
    • Overprint
    • Illustrator 3D
    • Advanced Pen, Curvature Pen & Pencil
    • Advanced paths
    • Brushes
    • Textures & Patterns
    • Live Trace Panel
    • Clipping Paths & Compound Paths
    • Charts & Graphs (ideal for Infographics)


    What are the Benefits of:
    Onsite Illustrator Training?



    Onsite training is extremely flexible and can be organised for one to one sessions, larger team roll outs or company groups/workshops. There are a range of pluses to opting for onsite courses but the main ones are:

    • Training is hands on meaning you retain more

    • No traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses

    • Cheaper than traditional training 

    • The approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs this is not a generic one size fits all course. 

    • No external attendees on the course
    • Prior to the training you chat with me about your aims, content preferences and levels of delegate /s knowledge which means we both have clear guidelines for the Illustrator Training

    • Flexible dates & times to suit you


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6?  If so, then I can supply laptops and projector hire and take care of all aspects of your Photoshop training course – again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


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    Don’t have a good day have a great one.


    Adobe Illustrator Advance Course

    Illustrator Advanced Course - Overviews


    • Object guides/smart guides
    • default workspaces
    • exact positioning
    • alignment and distribution of Illustrator objects


    Illustrator Brushes

    • Creating and customising brushes (art, scatter, calligraphic)
    • Brush libraries
    • Type Tool
    • Paragraph / Character Styles
    • Outlined Text
    • Curved Text
    • Cutting Text paths
    • Open Text


    Illustrator Pen Tool

    • Advanced Pen, Curvature Pen & Pencil
    • Advanced paths
    • Scissors & knife tools
    • Average/Splitting paths
    • Tips and tricks to manipulate the curves lines and speed up the pen workflow

    Illustrator Live Trace

    • Using the auto-trace tool
    • Trace Panel
    • Paths, Corners, and Noise
    • Method option
      • Abutting & Overlapping
    • Snap Curves


    Illustrator and Colour

    • Advanced Colour
    • Colour Themes
    • Colour Sharing
    • Overprint


    Illustrator Filters – 3D effects

    • Illustrator filters to change light, shade, bevelling on objects
    • Revolving, rotation and mapping

    Illustrator Compound paths/shapes and Clipping Masks

    • Creating and releasing compound paths
    • Transparency control
    • Editing compound paths, pathfinder palette.
    • Creating and releasing a clipping mask, modifying a clipping mask.


    Creating a chart

    • Importing your chart data
    • Formatting chart data
    • Customising your chart
    • Combining chart types
    • Working with graph designs
    • Styling and updating your graph
    • Ungrouping your graphs


    Illustrator Symbols

    • Using symbols, creating new symbols
    • Using symbols to place artwork, symbol tools’, symbol instances, symbol control, symbol sprayer, creating symbols from scratch, managing symbols, symbol libraries.


    Illustrator Print and export

    • Print environment, printing from Illustrator, sending to PDF, Global PDF options

    Our price is per course per day,  all prices inc. VAT.  The more persons on the course the more you benefit,

    • Standard rate for one person: £275.00 per day all inclusive
    • Subsequent persons are charged at £75.00 per person per day all inclusive
    • Depending on location travel expenses may be incurred
    • Laptop Hire £25.00 per computer per day


    We are Midlands based so depending on your location in the UK travel expenses for the Illustrator Advanced Course may be incurred. The above price includes 6 months post course support. We like to build rapport with our clients so any Illustrator Advanced Course support is directly with the Illustrator Trainer who ran the Illustrator course. This includes all course materials and access to our online training tips & tutorials section.



    The Illustrator Advanced Course is delivered onsite throughout the Midlands, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Leicester, Sheffield, Manchester, Cambridge,Yorkshire, Oxford, Lancashire, Notts, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Lincoln, Chester, Derby, Warwickshire, Stratford on Avon, Tamworth, Peterborough, Northampton

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