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    Online PowerPoint Design Course

    This Online PowerPoint Design Course takes you beyond linear presentations and shows you how to bring the software, design elements and your brand together as one by using imagery, typography and rich media. You will learn to create PowerPoint presentations that communicate your message to make a firm connection with your audience.


    Online PowerPoint Design Training

    In addition to our Onsite Training Courses this PowerPoint training is also available as Online PowerPoint Training. This is live instructor led training which can be delivered as a one to one session or to a group of people. Because its virtual online training it can be delivered literally at any time of the day at your convenience. 

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    Once you book online PowerPoint training with us we will contact you to find out which is your preferred video conferencing software and give you all the information you will need to join the virtual training session. Online PowerPoint Courses are extremely flexible and can be run as one to one sessions or for up to six delegates* and because its virtual training at any time to suit you. The Course Content is flexible. You can follow the outline at the bottom of the screen or choose exactly what you want to cover. 


    *If you would like more people on your PowerPoint Course please mention it at time of booking.


    PowerPoint Design Training
    What will I learn?

    Bullets and linear presenting don’t really cut the biscuit these days and the PowerPoint Course has been created to show you how to create modern high impact presentations using a different approach. It focuses totally on the using the design features of the software.


    Full PowerPoint Course overview is outlined at the bottom of the page


    But in short you will learn:

    • Working with Colour
    • Create Video & Audio from existing Presentations
    • Master slides for consistent layout
    • PIP (Picture in Picture)
    • Visual Themes
    • Dynamic Visuals
    • Typography
    • Design Principles
    • To Animate or not to Animate
    • Presentations
    • Advanced Charts & Graphs


    PowerPoint Tailored Training

    Whether this course is run as an online Course or onsite Course as with all the digital design training on Greta Powell Training this PowerPoint Course can be tailored to suit you. You can mix and match from the suggested content or stick with the course overview here. It really is up to you and we are happy to work with you to create a unique PowerPoint course whether the training is held online or onsite.


    Onsite PowerPoint Courses
    what are the benefits?

    An onsite PowerPoint training course for large team roll outs, 121 sessions, company groups /workshops. There are a number of benefits to onsite courses but the main ones are:  

    • The training is focused entirely on your and your company requirements

    • No traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses

    • Cheaper than traditional training

    • The approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs this is not a generic one size fits all course. 

    • Prior to the training you chat with me about your aims, content preferences and levels of delegate /s knowledge

    • InDesign course is tailored to suit you or your team

    • Flexible dates & times to suit you


    Onsite PowerPoint Training
    where do you visit?

    This PowerPoint course can be run onsite at your premises throughout the UK including the Midlands, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, Lincoln, Cambridge, Oxford, Worcester, Liverpool, Rugby, London, Peterborough, Rutland, Milton Keynes.


    PowerPoint Training Availability?

    Online PowerPoint Training is extremely flexible and can be virtually be run on a 24 /7 basis – please get in touch to discuss convenient times and dates.

    Onsite PowerPoint Training is also very flexible and the courses are organise to work round you and your teams diaries, again please get in touch to discuss dates and availability.


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6 for the training?  If so, then I can supply up to 6 laptops and projector and take care of all aspects of your PowerPoint Training course – again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


    Thank you for dropping by.

    Don’t have a good day – have a great one

    Online PowerPoint Design Course






    Greta Powell Training – Online PowerPoint Course

    Online PowerPoint Training - Overviews

    Audience Identification

    • Presentation Types
    • Visual Metaphors & Messages
    • Presentation Structure
    • Presentation Storyboard
    • Presentation Moodboard
    • Narrative & Strategy


    Image & Video Connections

    • Using Images
    • The Role of Rich Media (Video & Audio)
    • Inserting Rich Media
    • Image & Video Banks
    • Rich Media Customisation


    Brand & Look Consistency

    • Master Slides
    • Bullet Points
    • Working with PowerPoint Decks


    Working with Colour

    • Colour Themes
    • Building Themes
    • Matching Colour
    • Consistent Colour
    • Soft Font Colour Styles

    Design Principles

    • Emphasis
    • Balance
    • Form & Space
    • Repetition
    • Contrast
    • Proportion


    PowerPoint  & Typography

    • Creating Type
    • Communicating with Typefaces
    • Type Best Practice


    PowerPoint Whiteboard

    • Using the Whiteboard in PowerPoint
    • Using the Scribe
    • Saving the Whiteboard


    PowerPoint Charts & Graphs

    • Create Charts & Graphs
    • Charts & Datasheets
    • Chart Animation
    • High Impact Chart & Graph Design

    Create a Video in PowerPoint

    • Create a Video from an existing Presentation
    • Recording Video
    • Adding PIP to Video (picture in picture)
    • Adding Narration to Video
    • Adding Annotations
    • Publishing Video
    • Understanding (HD) Publishing Options
    • Timings and Narration


    Dynamic Visuals

    • Adding Infographics
    • Effective Graphics
    • Using Animation
    • Spectrum of Colours (using colour)
    • Image Manipulation in PowerPoint


    Slide Navigation

    • Working with Hyperlinks
    • Directing Hyperlinks
    • Internal & External Hyperlinks
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