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  • QuickStart Adobe Illustrator Training

    QuickStart Adobe Illustrator Training


    QuickStart Adobe Illustrator TrainingOur QuickStart Adobe Illustrator Training can be hosted onsite at your premises UK wide or as an Online Illustrator Training session with a live instructor.


    All our onsite Creative Cloud training courses are available UK wide at times and dates to suit you.


    Being a QuickStart Illustrator Course this training is ideal for anyone looking to get to grips with vector art and work perfectly with our other QuickStart courses which include InDesign, Photoshop or Premiere Pro training.


    How does your online QuickStart Adobe Illustrator Training work?


    QuickStart Adobe Illustrator TrainingOur online  Adobe Illustrator Courses also run virtually with a live instructor giving you direct contact with your trainer throughout the training via video, chat & screen share. They will be with you from the first initial online meeting all the way through your virtual Illustrator training session.


    Online Illustrator Training Courses are run via all the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams, Google and WebEx. It’s your choice which one you prefer.


    We are happy to record your training session for you to refer back to after the training.


    All our digital design courses are available online. 


    Added Bonus about Online Illustrator Courses

    Classroom Adobe CoursesAn added bonus of Online Illustrator Courses is that because no travel is involved there’s less stress on the planet so environmentally is a good step.


    Is training available in the evenings or at weekends?


    Because of the flexibility with time zones provided by online training we can offer our online Illustrator courses on a 24 /7 basis including overnight and weekends wherever you are located.


    If you have any questions about our Online Adobe Training please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your options. 


    Find out more about Online Training


    What will you learn during the QuickStart Illustrator Course?


    Using a hands on approach you will learn how to produce artwork using various Illustrator tools, techniques and features. 


    You will learn how to work with Illustrators vector tools to create shapes, use fills and patterns to create unique designs. The course will show you how to work with the trace tool to trace simple images to manipulate and rework them. 


    The tools, features and techniques are delivered at introduction level and we cover the lifecycle of Illustrator artwork on this course starting from the very beginning through to the end and exporting the artwork. 


    Do you cover Adobe Illustrator’s AI Tools?


    Yes we do. We take an in-depth look at Illustrator’s AI tools including the Generative Tools and the Recolour Panel options.


    Adobe Illustrator Training Courses

    Over the day you will learn how to work with existing images as well as new ones. For example you may need to update your companies existing logo or adjust a chart. Or you may want to create and design unique and original charts for your companies financial reports, design social media graphics or put together an infographic.


    We take a look at the Trace tool so that you can convert an image to vector paths and edit it by recolouring, shading or gradients.


    The list is pretty much endless but this course will teach you the skills needed to create these and other artwork.


    This Adobe Illustrator training course will teach you to create, edit artwork for a wide range of purposes.


    • Work with Illustrator Tools, Panels & Interface
    • Understand and use selection tools in Illustrator
    • Illustrator AI Tools /Generative Tools /Recolour
    • Create, edit and manipulate geometric shapes
    • Drawing tools, pen, anchor points, pathfinder
    • Use Illustrator’s layout tools including Grids, Guides, Smart Guides
    • Illustrator Type Tools
    • Working with Images
    • Exporting /Printing to Print & Web

    *full Illustrator Outline at bottom of page


    What are the benefits of onsite Adobe Illustrator Training Midlands?


    • This QuickStart Illustrator Course can be tailored to you
    • There are no extra expenses incurred such as travel, hotels involved for your staff
    • Prior to the course we organise a short online meeting to discuss the day.
    • Flexible dates and times.


    What other Adobe Illustrator Courses do you run?



    Who is this Illustrator Training course for?


    This is perfect for beginners and being a comprehensive introduction to Illustrator ideal for everyone wanting to gain skills in vector graphics.


    We get a wide range of people from many different areas including students who are trying to get an edge with the software, marketing departments, educators from all areas, product designers, content creators, studio crew, construction to name but a few. 


    If you want to learn to create vector graphics then this QuickStart Illustrator course is an excellent choice.


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    QuickStart Adobe Illustrator Training - Overviews

    Meeting Adobe Illustrator

    Toolbox /Workspaces

    Overview of Palettes /Panels

    Control Bar /Properties

    Understanding Raster /Vector Graphics



    Adobe Illustrator
    Selection Tools

    Selection /Direct Selection

    Adding / Removing /Editing Selections

    Tips / tricks for Precise Selections


    Learning to Draw

    Using Shaper & Eraser Tools

    Working with the Curvature Tool

    Fine Tune Drawing


    Fill & Stroke

    Working with Fills & Strokes

    Adding Patterns /Colours /Gradients

    Editing Patterns


    Colour Panels

    Understanding Colour /RGB /CMYK

    Working with Colour Groups /Colour Harmony

    Edit Colour /Recolour Artwork


    Illustrator AI Tools

    Working with AI in Illustrator

    Generative Fills /Generative Prompts

    Generative Recolour


    Working with

    Free Transform Tool

    Rotation /Duplication

    Repeat Transformations

    Appearance Panel


    Working with Shapes /Geometrics

    Creating /Editing Shapes

    Working with Shape Builder

    Working with the Path Finder






    Applying Illustrator Effects

    3D & 3D Panel Options

    Adding Patterns to 3D Objects

    Manipulating 3D Objects

    Raster v Vector Effects


    Using the Intertwine Tool

    What is Intertwining?

    Working with Intertwine

    Editing /Releasing Intertwine


    Creating Simple Vector Art

    The Pen Tool

    Adding /Editing /Removing Anchor Points

    Smooth /Corner Anchor Points

    Simplifying Paths


    Illustrator Type Tool

    Creating /Editing Title Text

    Type Attributes /tracking /leading /kerning etc

    Type on a Path /Path Options

    Create Outline Text


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