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  • Online Articulate Training

    Online Articulate Training

    This Online Articulate Training Course is designed for those completely new to the software or those looking to build existing basic skills. It is also available as an Onsite Articulate Course.


    On the course you will learn to work with the software to create, develop and publish full interactive learning projects. You start with the basics and then move onto to recording software simulations, inserting video and audio, creating quizzes and working with the tools needed to build fully interactive elearning projects.


    Online Articulate Training
    how does it work?

    Online Articulate TrainingThe virtual Articulate course provides delegates with the opportunity to learn with their own colleagues or in a 121 in a private Online eLearning training course. It includes all the content from our onsite course and can be customised to suit your requirements. The training is provided via video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams and Google.


    All of our virtual training sessions are with a live instructor who will be sharing screens and information with you throughout the course.


    Contact us to discuss your Online Articulate Training Options


    Articulate Training
    what will I learn?

    You will put together a number of projects during your training session. We are happy to work around you and can work to your own specified projects and scenarios. Our online elearning training includes branding your projects, including images, characters, working with interaction, triggers, the timeline and navigation plus rich media, quizzes, audio and the other features needed build attractive and professional projects both for static and responsive publishing.


    During the training you will learn to put together total elearning scenarios, educational tutorials, informative reels, podcasts and content for LMS’s.


    The full Articulate Course outline is available at the bottom of the screen but in short you will learn how to work with:


    • Slides
    • Existing PowerPoint Presentations & Importing into Articulate
    • Branching & Branching Scenarios
    • Interactive Quiz Videos
    • Quizzes, Quiz Masters, Quiz Bank & Feedback Slides
    • Work with Characters, Character Expressions & Animations
    • Work with Audio /Podcasts
    • Work with Rich Media Video
    • Web Objects
    • LMS & Scorm Compliance
    • Publishing Articulate Files


    Online Training Sessions
    what do I need?

    You will need a computer, an internet connection a set of headphones, microphone (either built into the headset or separate) – twin screens are good but not strictly necessary. Take a look at our Online Training Courses page to find out more. 


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    Onsite Articulate Training

    We are now back delivering onsite Articulate Courses as private sessions on your premises. Please get in touch for an informal chat about how we can tailor our Articulate Training for you.


    Articulate Software

    Find out more about the software and how to subscribe to the software here at Articulate


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    Online Articulate Training – Greta Powell Training

    Online Articulate Training - Overviews

    Articulate Introduction

    • What is Articulate
    • Articulate Presenter


    Articulate & Slide Properties

    • Slide Titles
    • Articulate Slide Navigation
    • Articulate Properties


    Articulate Blending

    • eLearning Templates /Masterslide Design /Applying your Brand look
    • Approaching Articulate Course Design
    • Articulate & PowerPoint Design Elements
    • The Articulate Workflow

    Articulate Course Design

    • e‐learning and Assessments
    • Effective Interactive Elements
    • Benefits of Rich Media & Animation


    Articulate Timeline

    • Working with the Timeline
    • Timeline Layers
    • Adjusting Timing for Objects on Timeline



    Articulate States

    • What are Articulate States?
    • Adding /Editing /Deleting States


    Articulate Triggers /Actions

    • Adding a new Trigger
    • Editing a Trigger
    • Working with Trigger Wizard
    • Building Trigger Actions


    Articulate Audio

    • Inserting External Audio Files
    • Editing Audio Files in Articulate
    • Recording Narration
    • Audion Tools Bar /Audio Editor
    • Adding Captions
    • Adding a Script

    Articulate & Rich Media

    • Inserting Video from File
    • Inserting Video from the Web
    • Video Tools Bar
    • Editing Video
    • Video Controls
    • Skinning /Playbar
    • Add Captions


    Articulate & Visual Media Recording

    • Record with WebCam
    • Record using External Camera*
    • Recording Hints & Tips

    *Camera must be available for use during the online Articulate session


    Articulate Web Objects

    • What are Web Objects?
    • Web Objects & Controls
    • Viewing Web Objects
    • Web Objects Sizing & Display
    • Working with Web Object Links


    • Articulate Quizzes
    • Adding Quizzes
    • Quiz Masterslides & Your Branding
    • Feedback Master
    • Question Banks


    Articulate Quiz Questions

    • True /False, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Response,
    • Multiple Choice, Word Banks, Drop-Downs, Drag & Drop Matches, Drop-Down Sequencing, Numerical, Hotspot


    Articulate Practicalities

    • Feedback Messages
    • Scoring & Reporting
    • QuizMaker Publishing Quiz & Surveys
    • Reporting for LMS


    Articulate Additional Quiz Elements

    • Slide View & Freeform View
    • Video Quiz
    • Interactive Video Quiz
    • Animations with Questions
    • Graphical Question and Answers
    • Quiz Branching


    Articulate & PowerPoint

    • Working with PowerPoint
    • Combining both Applications
    • Custom Animations
    • PowerPoint Graphics Handling
    • PowerPoint Links
    • PowerPoint Animations


    Articulate Animations

    • Working with Animation
    • Animation Effects, Entrance & Exit
    • Motion Paths
    • Advanced Animation Techniques
    • Rollover Animations


    Articulate Characters

    • Character Sets
    • Uploading Character Sets
    • Manipulating Character Sets
    • Character Animation
    • Character Facial Expressions (Changing)
    • Character Posture & Editing
    • Characters States & Triggers
    • Character Properties


    Articulate Publishing

    • LMS Publishing
    • Web Publishing
    • Articulate Online
    • Articulate Podcast
    • Articulate CD
    • Articulate Autorun


    This Online Articulate Training Course is priced at:


    Online Articulate Course Per Company /up to four people

    First Delegate £300.00 per day

    Additional Delegates £100.00 per day


    For Articulate Company Groups of four or more please contact for group pricing


    Online Articulate Course For Individuals

    £275.00 per day for 121 sessions


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