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  • PhotoShop Advanced Course

    Photoshop Advanced Course

    This Photoshop Advanced Course is ideal for anyone either with experience gained in the workplace as a follow on from one of the other Photoshop courses. It can either be delivered as an onsite training course or remotely via the web and is perfect for both 121 sessions and closed company groups.


    Photoshop Advanced Course
    who would this benefit?

    This training course is ideal for marketers, content creators, designers looking to enhance their corporate photography and working with video to produce small marketing movies.


    Photoshop Advanced Course
    what would I learn?

    • Advanced Masking Techniques for selection
    • Creating /Editing Video
    • RAW format Photography
    • HDR Photography
    • Layer Masking
    • Smart Effects
    • Advanced Layer Comps
    • Photoshop 3D

    The full Photoshop Advanced Course content can be viewed below



    The first person/individual: £275.00 all inclusive per day
    Second/subsequent delegates: £75.00 each all inclusive per day
    *Laptop Hire: £25.00 per day
    *T&C’s apply
    Projector Hire: £35.00 per day

    Depending on location travel expenses may be incurred


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6?  If so, then I can supply laptops and projector hire and take care of all aspects of your Photoshop training course – again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


    Photoshop Advanced Course Locations

    Our Photoshop Training Courses are delivered across the UK and delivered to you onsite for groups of up to eight. We can provide laptops for the Photoshop Course or, if preferred can organise dedicated training rooms in a location convenient to you.


    Photoshop Advanced Course

    The full Photoshop Course content shown below takes 2 days but as all the other Adobe Course outlines onsite you are free to pick you own content for a bespoke training course solution. Please get in touch to discuss specific needs or to create a tailored Photoshop Course at no additional cost


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    Photoshop Advanced Course | Photoshop Training


    PhotoShop Advanced Course - Overviews

    Managing the Photoshop environment

    • Creating tool presets
    • Changing default preferences
    • Customising keyboard shortcuts
    • Recording actions
    • Batch processing


    Photoshop Smart Effects

    • Use Repousse to Create 3D from Smart Filters
    • Smart Filters
    • Filters Smart Effects
    • Layer Masking for Dramatic Effect
    • Layer Styles, Create Plastic, Steel Textures
    • Work with Texture & Patterns
    • Fill, Opacity & Advanced Blending Modes


    Colour management

    • Creating and using colour settings
    • ICC profiles explained
    • Precise image calibration


    Advanced image adjustments

    • Retouching skin tones
    • Sharpening with ‘LAB’ mode
    • ‘Black and white’ conversion
    • Photo filters

    Accurate image calibration

    • Creating panoramic images
    • Vanishing Point
    • Puppet Warp


    Photoshop & HDR Photography

    • Creating & Explaining Images & F Stops
    • What are HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images?
    • HDR Toning
    • Remove Ghosts
    • Edge Glow / Tone and Detail
    • *Training can be arranged for Photomatix for HDR


    Advanced painting and retouching

    • Refine Edges
    • Painting with the mixer brush
    • Smart Filters
    • Lighting effects
    • Blending


    Photoshop RAW

    • Advantages of RAW format
    • Working with Camera RAW
    • RAW, JPEG, Tiff, DNG formats
    • Auto / Localised Adjustments
    • Adjustment Sliders
    • Adjustment Preview
    • Histogram

    Advanced layer composition

    • ‘Replace colour’ and ‘colour range’
    • Working with the pen tool
    • Advanced masking techniques
    • Advanced blending mode techniques
    • Creating type on a path
    • Using spot colour channels
    • Using clipping groups
    • Creating stereoscopic images
    • Using layer comps


    Photoshop 3D

    • Working with 3D
    • Creating & Editing 3D Elements (material, texture etc)
    • Working with 3D layers
    • Animation and Video layers



    • Opening /Importing video f
    • Timeline
    • Video Layers
    • Editing /Modifying Video Layers
    • Text on Video
    • Layer Splitting
    • Duplicating Content
    • Transitions
    • Working with Audio
    • Animations
    • Video Export


    Advanced outputting features

    • Printing from Photos
    • Colour Management
    • Solving common print issues
    • Print to .PDF

    All prices are inclusive of VAT


    • Standard rate for one person: £275.00 inc VAT
    • A second person: £75.00 inc VAT
    • Any additional persons: £50.00 inc VAT


    *So training on your premises for 5 persons would be £500.00 inc VAT


    We are Midlands based so depending on your location in the UK travel expenses may be incurred.  The above price includes 6 months post course support.  We like to build rapport with our clients so any post course support would be held direct with the trainer who delivered the course/s.  It also includes any and all course materials plus access to our online training tips, tricks & tutorials

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