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  • Affinity Photo Training Course

    Affinity Photo Training – London

    This Affinity Photo Training Course is delivered across London and the UK You will learn how to enhance your photography, retouch and manipulate your images then finally export them as high quality images for either digital devices or print. This is an onsite Photo Editing Course delivered on your premises and tailored to suit your requirements.


    Affinity Photo Training –
    Who is it for?

    Affinity Photos Training is very popular with the home or small business user who is looking to edit and manipulate images quickly and easily.


    Online Affinity Photo Training

    This course is also available as an Online Affinity Photo Course with live instructor led training that can be delivered as a one to one session or to a group of people. This is virtual online training so it can be delivered literally at any time of the day at a moment of mutual convenience.


    You will have live contact with the instructor throughout your training and be able to share both your screen and see their’s in real time. All the courses featured on the website are available as online training.


    Find out more about Online Training


    Affinity Photo Training –
    How long is the course?

    It varies depending on the amount of people sitting on the course. But as a general guideline for one or two persons one day normally suffices but for larger groups then two days is more realistic.


    What will you learn on this Affinity Photo Training Course?

    The full Affinity Course content can be viewed further down the page but in brief you will learn how to:


    • Work with the Affinity Tools, Panels, Window Menu & Context Toolbar
    • Selection Tools, Marquee, Freehand Selection
    • > Refine, Feather & Anti-Alias
    • Work with Retouching Tools including Inpainting Brush, Liquify & Frequency Separation Tools
    • Masks & Mask Layers
    • Retouch /Repair Images
    • Clipping Masks


    What are the benefits of in-house Affinity Training for you?

    Onsite (in-house) Affinity Photo Courses can be run according to the client which provides a number benefits to onsite courses but among others the main one is that:



    • There are no additional expenses involved with in-house Photoshop Training

    • These Photoshop Courses are charged out on a sliding scale – the more people on the course, the cheaper the training
    • The training is focused entirely on your and your company requirements

    • No traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses

    • Cheaper than traditional training

    • The approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs this is not a generic one size fits all course. 

    • Prior to the training you chat with me about your aims, content preferences and levels of delegate /s knowledge

    • The Photoshop  is tailored to suit you or your team

    • Flexible dates & times to suit you


    Onsite Affinity Photo Training Locations

    There is no restriction to area this course course can be delivered UK wide including London, Oxford, Bedford, Buckingham and surrounding areas


    Why not get in touch for an informal chat about where you envisage the shape of your training to be .


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6?  If so, then I can supply laptops, projector hire, Wacom tablets and take care of all aspects of your Affinity Photo training course – again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


    Thank you for visiting my site.

    Don’t have a good day have a great one.


    Affinity Photo Training Course - delivered across the Midlands and UK

    Affinity Photo Training Course - Overviews

    The Affinity Workspace

    • Tools
    • Workspace
    • Window Menu
    • Destructive v None Destructive Workflows
    • Page Setup


    Selection Tools

    • Marquee Tools
    • Freehand Selection Tool
    • Flood Select Tool
    • Select Menu


    Image Adjustments

    • Image Size /Resolution
    • Exposure
    • Contrast
    • Transform
    • Crop



    • Unsharp Mask
    • >Radius, Factor, Tolerance
    • Selective Sharpening


    • New, Edit & Delete Layers
    • Adjustment Layers
    • Live Filter Layers
    • Pixel Layers
    • Layer Properties



    • New Brushes
    • Brush Control
    • > Hardness, Opacity & Blend
    • Flood Select Brush
    • > Tolerance, Contiguous 
    • Brush Dialogue Box


    Colour Adjustment

    • Channels
    • Colour Panel
    • Swatches Panel
    • RGB /CMYK
    • Levels Adjustment Layer

    Quick Masks

    • Creating a Quick Mask
    • Toggle On /Toggle Off
    • Mask Views


    Masks & Mask Layers

    • Creating /Editing a Mask
    • New Mask Layer
    • New Empty Mask Layer
    • Edit Mask Layer Content


    Clipping Layers

    • Creating Shapes
    • Placing Images
    • Create a Clipping
    • Move /Edit Content


    Clone & Content Aware Tools

    • Inpainting Brush
    • Inpainting Fill Tool
    • Clone Stamp Tool
    • Frequency Separations


    Import /Export 

    • PSD Images
    • Other Formats
    • Print /Photo /Web

    Affinity Photo Training Costs

    First person on the Affinity Photo Course £300.00 per day

    Second & Subsequent Persons £100.00 per person per day

    *Laptop Hire £25.00 per computer per day

    *Terms & Conditions apply to laptop hire


    Depending on location travel expenses may be applied


    Affinity Photo Training is held in Leicester, Derby, Birmingham, Coventry, Lincoln, Chester, Nottingham, Stoke on Trent, Oxford, Northampton, Sheffield, Peterborough, Cambridge, Liverpool, Preston and across the UK. Please contact me for location and availability in your area.

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