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  • Adobe MasterClass Training Course

    Adobe MasterClass Training

    A 5 day course that takes you straight into the individual elements of the software including Photoshop Training, InDesign Training and Illustrator Training to create, edit and publish documents.. This Adobe MasterClass Training is ideal for 121 training or company courses and teaches the techniques and features needed to create high quality digital design for both print or web.


    The course content can be tailored according to your specification and run in any order (the overviews are provided as a guideline).  These onsite Adobe MasterClass Courses are run across the UK including Bradford, Oxford, York, Doncaster, Derby, Cheltenham, Chester, Liverpool, The Wirral, Coventry, Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln, Stoke. Please get in touch to discuss my availability in your area.


    Adobe MasterClass Overview

    The course content can be run in any order you prefer otherwise it tends to run as 4 days split between Photoshop and InDesign with the final 1 day dedicated to Illustrator. 



    Adobe MasterClass Pricing

    This course runs for either individuals or company groups with pricing at £1275.00 all inclusive for the first person per week then £200.00 all inclusive per additional person per week.

    Travel expenses may be incurred depending on location


    Adobe MasterClass – What you will learn…

    You work with a number of different projects. On the two day Photoshop course you work with various photographs to retouch, design and produce interesting and professional imagery.  These can be used quite fluidly on the InDesign Training to enhance layouts and spreads.  The two InDesign Training days introduce you to layout and spreads incorporating Photoshop and Illustrator images.  These include flyers, corporate literature, brochures, tenders and so forth (this depends on what you need to learn for your particular work). The Illustrator Training Course introduces you to the basics of the software and teaches techniques to work with tools and panels to create vector driven graphics such as logos and infographics.  This content can be used as a baseline and you can specify exactly what content you want including prior to the training.


    Onsite MasterClass Training Locations


    This is onsite training which means the dates and times are totally flexible. Being centrally based in the Midlands means location is not a restriction for onsite training as I travel extensively across the UK including all major cities and surrounding area’s including: Bradford, Oxford, York, Doncaster, Derby, Cheltenham, Chester, Liverpool, The Wirral, Coventry, Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln, Stoke.


    Please contact me for location and availability


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6?  If so, then I can supply laptops and projector hire and take care of all aspects of your Adobe training course – again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.  This training can be run in any version of Adobe up to the most recent Creative Cloud 2017.


    Thank you for dropping by.

    Don’t have a good day – have a great one





    Adobe MasterClass Training Course - Overviews

    Photoshop Training Course Day 1 – 2


    Photoshop Basics

    • Tools
    • Palette overview


    Photoshop Accurate Layout

    • Grids / Guides / Rulers
    • Print v Pixel
    • Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing
    • Rotation and Crop


    Photoshop Selection and Selection Techniques

    • Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand, *Quick Select
    • Feathering Selections
    • Expanding / Reducing Selections
    • Modifying / Transforming Selections
    • Quick Masks
    • Save / Load a Selection


    Photoshop and InDesign

    • Placing Photoshop files in InDesign
    • Editing / round tripping Photoshop files in InDesign
    • Photoshop Repairing and Replacing Images
    • Clone Tool (remove or replace part/s of an image
    • Healing Brush (fix damages to part or whole of image)
    • Red Eye (remove the red from the pupil)


    Photoshop Layers

    • Understanding layer principles
    • Inserting/editing/shuffling layers
    • Layer Blending Effects / Opacity


    Photoshop Automation

    • Create a Web Gallery (put your profile / images collection online in seconds) *earlier versions of Photoshop only PhotoMerge
    • Contact Sheets


    Photoshop Print

    • Optimise for web
    • Print to PDF
    • Export
    • PhotoMerge
    Adobe InDesign Days 3-4


    Creating & Saving Documents

    • New document setup
    • Bleed / Columns / Margins
    • Tools / panels
    • Document navigation


    Smart layout

    • Guides
    • Grids (including baseline grid for individual text frames)
    • Rulers (zero point)


    Text Basics

    • Text frames
    • Formatting Text frames
    • Text frame properties
    • Text frame – multi column setup


    Type Handling & Manipulation

    • Placing text
    • Character styles / Paragraph styles
    • Typography and layouts
    • Tab Handling
    • Tab palette
    • Tab characters
    • Editing tabs
    • Adding leaders



    • Colour models
    • New colours



    • Placing images
    • Editing images / graphic frames
    • Image formats
    • Graphic frames


    Combining Type and Imagery

    • Text and graphics


    Print output

    • Preview
    • Preflight
    • Export (print) to .PDF
    Adobe Illustrator Day 5


    Meeting Adobe Illustrator

    • Toolbox
    • Overview of Palettes
    • Control Bar
    • Views
    • Preferences


    Adobe Illustrator Selection Tools

    • Selection tool
    • Direct selection tool
    • Adding / removing to selections
    • Tips / tricks for sleeker selecting


    Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools

    • Bézier pen
    • Adding / removing points
    • Joining / cutting paths – knife tool
    • Pencil tool
    • Smooth tool
    • Reshape tool
    • Eraser tool


    Adobe Illustrator Shapes

    • Elliptic, poly, spiral, rectangle tools
    • Drawing geometrics shapes
    • Reshaping / resizing
    • Transforming tool/ scale, reflect, shear and rotate
    • Pathfinder palette


    Adobe Illustrator Layout Tools

    • Grids
    • Guides
    • Rulers
    • Stacking order
    • Grouping / ungrouping
    • Align and distribute
    • Adobe Illustrator Colour
    • Colour palettes
    • Process / spot / global colours / pantones
    • Swatch palette / adding / editing / deleting swatches
    • Fills and strokes
    • Gradient adding colour / editing colours / inkwells
    • Eyedropper tool
    •  Paintbucket tool


    Adobe Illustrator Type Tool

    • Creating / editing type
    • Typeface attributes / tracking / leading / kerning etc
    • Type on a path
    • Type path options
    • Outline type
    • Type area tool
    • Frame options


    Adobe Illustrator Images

    • Importing images
    • Matching image colour
    • Linking / embedding images


    Adobe Illustrator Print

    • Printing files
    • Print options

    This course runs for either individuals or company groups with pricing starting from £1275 for the first person then £200.00 per additional person per week. 


    Laptop Hire is available at £25.00 per computer per week

    T&C’s apply to laptop hire


    This onsite Adobe MasterClass course covers Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator and runs at your premises across the UK including the Midlands, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, Cheltenham, Derby, Birmingham, Chester, Blackpool, Liverpool, York, Halifax, Sheffield – please get in touch for availability and dates in your area

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