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    Quickstart Photoshop Training


    Quickstart Photoshop Training Course for beginners - online and onsiteGet to grips with image manipulation fast on our Quickstart Photoshop Training Course which is ideal for both businesses and private individuals.


    We specialise in running tailored Photoshop Course events which are available either as virtual Online Photoshop Training with a live instructor or hosted onsite on your premises. The Quickstart Photoshop Course provides short but intensive training with content tailored to your specific requirements.


    Quickstart Photoshop Training
    what will I learn on this course?

    Online Photoshop Courses with Creative Cloud TrainingYou’ll learn how to work with the basics of Photoshop to create and edit a variety of images for various destinations including print and web. You’ll find out how to work both creatively and practically on this course which is jam packed full of hints and tips about working with image editing software.


    The course will introduce you to the best ways of working with Photoshop to design beautiful streamlined images whatever their destination.


    But in brief you’ll learn how to:


    • Resize, Crop and Transform Images
    • *Use New AI Tools (Generative Fill, Expand & Neural Filters)
    • Retouch, Recolour & Repair Images
    • Learn Layers & Adjustment Layers
    • Work with Colour Modes & Type Faces to build & promote your brand.
    • Understand File Formats and when to use them
    • Discuss & work with Adobe CC Express for Social Media Output
    • Output Images to Print, Social Media and the Web


    * This is completely optional and reliant on software version



    Online Photoshop Courses

    Online Photoshop Training Courses available 24 /7This is available as a virtual Online Photoshop Course with a virtual live instructor with whom you’ll have direct contact with via chat, video and screen sharing throughout.


    Our online training courses are available via all the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams, Google and WebEx. It’s your choice which one you prefer.


    We are often asked if we record the training sessions for you to refer to after the training and the answer is yes we do. We feel it is important for you to have something to refer to and are more than happy to record your session.                 


    All our digital design courses are available online. 


    Added Bonus’s of Online Photoshop Courses


    An added bonus of Online Creative Cloud Training Courses is that because there’s no travel involved means less stress on the planet and environmentally a good step. It’s also great for those working from home days wherever you are, the UK or even the US for that matter.


    If you have any questions about our Online Adobe Training please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email. 


    Find out more about Online Photoshop Training


    Onsite Photoshop Courses
    how do they work?

    Adobe Creative Cloud Training CoursesThe Creative Cloud Training is delivered at your premises at times and dates to suit you and focused entirely around you and your team. We travel directly to your premises omitting the need for employee travel and travel expenses.


    Once booked in we arrange either a voice or interactive meeting to discuss both the content and the agenda together.


    Onsite CC Training is more cost effective than traditional classroom based training and can be tailored totally around your company.



    Our Most Popular Adobe Courses are?

    We provide a huge range of different Adobe Courses following both set outlines or tailored content but currently the following are very popular.



    We design fully tailored design training courses for you based on your working needs. Any of these courses can be mixed and matched with one another and content added or removed.


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    Quickstart Photoshop CC 2019 Training Course - Introduction to Photoshop Training



    Quickstart Photoshop Training Course - Overviews

    Photoshop – the beginning

    • Create New
    • Print /Web /Mobile Setup
    • Presets
    • Adobe Stock


    Photoshop Selection Tools

    • Lasso Tools
    • Quick Select /Colour Wand
    • Select & Mask
    • Select Subject
    • Selection Properties


    Photoshop Work Area

    • Photoshop Interface
    • Photoshop Workspaces
    • Photoshop Tools /Properties
    • Photoshop Panels
    • Photoshop Menu’s
    • Photoshop Arrange


    Photoshop Layers

    • Adobe Smart Workflow
    • Create, Edit, Delete Layers
    • Merge /Link /Duplicate Layers


    Photoshop Adjustment Layers

    • Working with Adjustment Layers
    • Editing Adjustment Layers
    • Colour & Tonal Adjustment Layers

    Photoshop Tools

    • Crop Tool
    • Delete Cropped Pixels /Content-Aware
    • Crop Preset /Ratio


    Photoshop Transformations

    • Transform /Free Transform Tool
    • Transform & Free Transform
    • Content Aware Scale


    Image Size

    • Image Size /Resolution
    • Dimensions /Fit To
    • Resample Options


    Photoshop & Colour

    • Colour Modes RGB /CMYK
    • Pantones
    • Accurate Colour Sampling


    Photoshop Type

    • Working with Type
    • Editing Type
    • Character & Paragraph Type
    • Type Warp




    Photoshop Image Menu

    • Colour Adjustments /Levels /Curves /Colour Balance
    • Brightness & Contrast
    • Converting to Black & White


    Photoshop Smart Objects

    • What are Smart Objects?7
    • None Destructive Transformations
    • Smart Objects & Vectors
    • Smart Filters
    • Update all Instances


    Photoshop Retouching Tools

    • Clone Stamp Tool
    • Healing Brush
    • Patch 
    • Content Aware Move Tool


    Photoshop Export

    • File Formats
    • Print Output
    • Web Output

    This Quickstart Photoshop CC Training Course is hosted onsite across the UK in most major cities, towns and their surrounding areas. This includes the Midlands, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Worcester, Cambridge, Chester, Crewe, Sheffield, Peterborough, Northampton and Rugby. Please get in touch to find out more about Photoshop Training in your area.

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