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  • Intermediate Illustrator Training

    Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Training

    This Illustrator Course builds on the skills learnt on the Introduction to Illustrator or those learnt in the workplace, it will give you more effective and quicker ways to design beautiful artwork for both web and print.  The course is perfect for 121 sessions and company groups and large ongoing training projects.  


    Onsite Illustrator training is run across the UK including York, Cheltenham, Stafford, Stoke on Trent, Chester, Derby, Norfolk, Norwich, Grimsby, Tamworth and across the North and Midlands at mutually convenient times and dates. Please get in touch to discuss availability and dates in your local area.


    Illustrator Intermediate Training

    On this Photoshop CC 2017 Introduction training course you will learn how to create, edit and retouch images for a range of different purposes including both digital media, print and the web.


    My Illustrator Courses are fluid and constantly updated to ensure you get a clear and concise grip on the tools and features contained in the software and as well as the traditional tools and techniques also include the new features in Creative Cloud 2017


    • Improve drawing with more advanced techniques using the Pen tool
    • Learn how to create and design advanced fills and patterns
    • Work with Advanced Type tool to design and edit logos
    • Gradients & Gradient Mesh
    • Auto Trace
    • Learn to prepare images for both print and web output


    Illustrator Course Info

    This Illustrator Course content takes between one and two days depending on the amount of people sitting on the training – for one person a day usually suffices but for small groups of between 4 and 6 people two days is more realistic.   


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6?  If so, then I can supply laptops and projector hire and take care of all aspects of your Photoshop training course – again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


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    Intermediate Illustrator Training - Overviews

    Working with Paths

    • Using the Pen Tool effectively
    • Drawing shapes
    • Using the Pen to create clipping paths
    • Modifying the Pen Properties
    • Accurate Path Drawing
    • Create & edit unique shapes with Pathfinder
    • Additional Pen Tools
    • Images using Compound Paths


    Advanced Fills

    • Patterns, Textures & Fills
    • Work with Pattern Maker
    • Understand Pattern Makers more advanced Tools
    • Flawless Repeats and Seamless Patterns
    • Envelope Warp
    • Blend Tool for smooth colour & specified steps


    Accurate Positioning

    • Working with Select & Direct Select
    • Use the Transform Palette
    • Use Illustrator Grids effectively
    • Smart Guides
    • Work with Smart Guides for Precise Positioning

    Colours and Shades

    • Create Gradients
    • Use Gradients for Light and Shade
    • Work with Gradient Mesh
    • Sample and Modify Colours
    • Work with Colour Themes


    Type and Typography

    • Create Outlines
    • Edit Outlines using Path Tools
    • Work with Character & Paragraph Styles
    • Work with Text on a Path
    • Text on a Path Options
    • Area Type Tool
    • Warp Tool



    • Create and Design New Brush Tips
    • Work with Art, Calligraphic, Pattern Brushes
    • Work with Jitter, Spacing, Sizing etc Options
    • Fit to Path and Along Stoke Options
    • Apply Artwork to Brushes
    • Use the Brush Panel
    • Save and Load Brush Panels

    Graphics and Text

    • Import Graphics
    • Create Masks
    • Work with Area Text
    • Create Various Text Wraps


    Illustrator Output

    • Prepare Artwork
    • Printers Marks
    • Export Command
    • Save for Web


    Our Illustrator Courses can be run in most versions including Illustrator 7, Illustrator 8, Illustrator CS and Illustrator CC and can be combined with other Adobe Course content including Photoshop for full digital design solutions.

    • First Delegate: £275.00 All Inc per Day
    • Subsequent Delegates: £75.00 All Inc per Day
    • *Laptop Hire £25.00 per computer per day
      *T&C’s apply
    • Projector Hire available


    Travel expenses may apply depending on location


    Onsite Illustrator training courses UK wide York, Cheltenham, Stafford, Stoke on Trent, Chester, Derby, Norfolk, Norwich, Grimsby, Tamworth and across the North – I travel extensively so if you don’t see your location listed please get in touch for a chat about your location and dates.

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