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  • Articulate 360 Training Course

    Articulate 360 Training Course


    Articulate Training Courses online and onsiteThis is available as an onsite Articulate 360 Training Course hosted on your premises or as a virtual online Articulate Training session held with a live instructor.


    On the course you will learn how to design a variety of interactive eLearning projects including 360° image scenes, quizzes and multi-media content and then publish them to digital sources or an LMS.


    Our eLearning courses are privately run and can be completely tailored to suit your company and staff at times and dates to suit you.


    Online Articulate 360 Training
    how does it work?

    All our online eLearning training courses are flexible and delivered on video conferencing software of your choice including Zoom, Teams and Google.


    The Greta Powell Virtual Classrooms run on a 24 /7 basis and are available across all time-zones. They are delivered via live instructor in a virtual classroom where you can share screens and interact with one another.


    Apart from sharing chocolate biscuits that is (we’re still trying to work our way around that one as well) the training works in more or less the same way as the old traditional environment did.


    A big plus for Online Articulate 360 Training

    Choosing online Articulate training also offers a big bonus of helping to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet as no travelling whatsoever is involved.


    Onsite Articulate Course
    what are the benefits?

    Onsite Articulate training is extremely flexible and can be organised for one to one sessions, company groups /workshops and larger team roll-outs.


    • The Articulate Training is hands on working through tasks, theory and discussion
    • No travel, hotels or other expenses are involved
    • Onsite Articulate Courses are cheaper than traditional training
    • The course is focused on you and your team as there are no external attendees.
    • Prior to the course you chat about the course with the trainer and have a clear structure.
    • Flexible dates and times.


    Find out more about our Online ArticulateTraining


    Articulate Course Overview
    what will I learn?

    You will learn how to build attractive and professional projects both for responsive publishing using characters, rich media, quizzes and interactions.


    Articulate 360 Training Course online and onsiteOn this Articulate course you will learn how to put together a variety of interactive, compelling elearning modules and projects that can be published to LMS’s or to digital devices.


    Starting at the beginning you learn how adapt Articulates existing Themes and Content Library Assets to set up projects then move on to create your own from scratch. 


    You will learn how to set up your project, use the Timeline and create Triggers in Articulate projects then record your screen to create elearning scenarios.


    As the course continues you create compelling content using multi-media files such as video and audio to create eLearning scenarios, Podcasts and Quizzes for LMS content. 


    If required we also can also run Articulate Rise on this course or as a separate course, please get in touch for an informal chat about your eLearning training.


    who is it for?

    Articulate is for anyone wishing to create & develop online training projects and works well for instructional designers, educators from all areas and trainers moving from classroom /PowerPoint delivery. This course runs over 2 to 3 days and is ideal for those with little to no knowledge of the software.


    Run onsite or online this Articulate 360 training course is ideal for private company groups or 121 individual sessions or anyone looking for an eLearning course to create and publish effective eLearning projects.


    This Articulate 360 training course is ideal for private company groups or 121 individual sessions or anyone looking for an eLearning course to create and publish effective eLearning projects.


    • Scenes /slides
    • Working with historic PowerPoint Slides
    • 360 Images
    • Create Quizzes
    • Articulate Rise
    • Engage /Create Interactions
    • Work with Characters, Character Expressions & Animations
    • Work with Audio /Podcasts
    • Work with Rich Media Video
    • Web Objects
    • Closed Captioning to Audio & Video 
    • Publish to Various Formats
    • LMS Options


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    Articulate 360 Training Course from Greta Powell Training






    Articulate Training Courses – Greta Powell Training


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    Articulate 360 Training Course - Overviews

    Articulate Introduction

    What is Articulate?

    Articulate & eLearning

    Understanding & Designing for your audience

    elearning Course Design

    eLearning and Assessment

    Working with Content Library Assets


    Articulate & Slide Properties

    Slide Title

    Slides & Scenes – the differences

    Course Level Structure

    Branch & Lock Slides

    Slide View / Hiding


    Articulate Slide Navigation

    Articulate Layer Slides

    Articulate Slide Properties


    Articulate Secrets

    eLearning Templates

    Articulate Course Design

    Articulate & PowerPoint

    Approaching Articulate Course Design

    Understanding Articulate Flow


    Articulate Characters

    Character Sets

    Uploading Character Sets

    Manipulating Character Sets

    Animating a Character

    Facial Expressions with Characters

    Posture with Characters

    Working with States & Triggers

    Character & Layers


    Articulate Recording

    Video on Single Slide

    Slide by Slide Recording 

    Software Simulations

    Setting Recording Screen Sizes

    View, Try & Test Modes 


    Articulate Quizzing

    Quizzing Options

    Word Quiz, Choice, Sequential


    Quiz Building


    Articulate Quizzing

    True /False, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Response,

    Multiple Choice, Word Banks, Drop-Downs, Drag & Drop Matches,

    Drop-Down Sequencing, Numerical, Hotspot


    Articulate Quizzes

    Organising & Tailoring Feedback Messages

    Scoring & Reporting

    Presenter Integration

    Publishing Quizzes & Surveys


    Articulate Additional Quiz Features
    Slide View & Freeforms
    Video Quiz
    Animations with Questions
    Graphical Question and Answers
    Quiz Branchng
    Quiz Templates


    Articulate & Audio

    Inserting Audio Files

    Recording Narration

    Timing Narration

    Audio Editor



    Articulate & Video

    Record Screen

    Record using WebCam

    Record using External Camera

    Recording Hints & Tips

    Editing Video in Articulate

    Player Controls

    Articulate Presentations

    Working with Brand, Logos etc

    Adding Playlists

    Adding Presenters

    Working with Settings
    Presentation Preferences


    Articulate Drawing Tools

    Drawing Toolbar

    Add Shapes /Illustrations /Icons

    Edit Shapes

    Fill Colours /Gradients /Transparencies /Textures


    Articulate Web Objects

    Web Objects

    Embedding Objects

    Size & Display

    Working with Objects Linking & Attachments


    Articulate & PowerPoint Slides

    Working with PowerPoint

    Combining both Applications

    Custom Animations

    PowerPoint Graphics Handling


    PowerPoint Articulate Tab

    PowerPoint Hyperlinks

    Working with Branching

    Advanced Animation Techniques

    Motion Paths

    Rollover Animation


    Storyline Player

    Working with the Player

    Custom Player Design

    Resources & Glossaries 


    Articulate Publishing

    LMS Publishing

    HTML & Mobile Publishing

    Articulate Online

    Articulate Training Pricing


    First Person £300.00 ALL INC per day
    Second & Subsequent Persons £75.00 ALL INC per person per day


    This Articulate Course runs across the Midlands and the UK, including London, Blackpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Reading, Brighton

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