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  • Adobe InDesign & Photoshop Training

    InDesign & Photoshop Course


    On this InDesign & Photoshop Course you learn the techniques and features of both packages and how they work together to produce professional publications for either print or web. On this combination course you will learn how to create, edit and retouch photography in Photoshop then work in InDesign to create new and edit existing documents. You will then bring the two pieces of software together to produce elegant professional documents. 


    This combined InDesign & Photoshop training is delivered onsite UK wide for private company courses or delivered as 121 sessions for individuals.  This is a three day course.


    InDesign & Photoshop Training Content

    • Photoshop: Create, enhance and retouch new and existing images, work with layers, produce accurate colour proofing, use the Tools panel
    • Photoshop: Create & design social media images & web images
    • InDesign: Create and design various layouts, edit existing documents, best practice and layout tools, character & paragraph formatting, image placement options, text wrapping
    • You will learn how to work with a number of different layouts including posters, manuals, marketing & promotional literature with beautiful professional images


    Onsite Training Locations

    This is onsite training which means the dates and times are totally flexible and organised around you. Being Midlands based means easy access to all major cities including Derby, Coventry, Cheltenham, York, Liverpool, The Wirral, Bradford Oxford, Sheffield, Lincoln, Stoke, Blackpool. Please contact me for location and availability



    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6?  If so, then I can supply laptops and projector hire and take care of all aspects of your Photoshop training course – again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


    As well as InDesign and Photoshop Training I also run Adobe Courses in Creative Cloud and earlier software such as CS, CS6, CS5 or earlier if required.


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    Adobe InDesign & Photoshop Training - Overviews

    Photoshop Training


    Photoshop Precise Positioning

    Grids / Guides / Rulers
    Print v Pixel


    Photoshop Practicalities

    Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizing
    Transform / Free Transform Tools
    Crop Tool / Crop Options

    Image Modes 


    Photoshop Layers

    Understanding Layers

    Layer Panel
    Creating, Editing, Shuffling Layers
    Merging & Flattening Layers
    Fill Layers
    Adjustment Layers


    Photoshop Menus

    Working with Multiple Images
    Working with Views
    Window >Arrange
    Window >Workspace
    Image Formats


    Photoshop & Colour

    Working with Colour

    Colour Panels, RGB / CMYK / Greyscale
    Colour Replacement Brush
    Hue and Saturation
    Colour Balance
    Black and White Mode

    Photoshop Selection Techniques

    Selection Tools, Lasso, Poloygon & Magnetic

    Adding / Removing Selections

    Colour Wand

    Working with tolerance

    Adding / Removing Colour

    Quick Select Tool

    Quick Mask Tool / Mode

    *Select & Mask

    *CC only


    Photohop Retouching Tools

    Healing Brush

    Content Aware Tool

    Spot Healing Brush

    Clone Stamp


    Text Tool

    Character / Paragraph Text

    Creating / editing Text

    Text Mask Tool


    Social Media

    Create Social Media images

    Twitter / Facebook / Linked In


    Print & Export
    Export / *Export As

    Export to Web






    InDesign Training


    Getting started

    Creating and saving a document

    New document setup

    Tools / panels

    Document navigation


    Smart layout


    Grids (including baseline grid for individual text frames)

    Rulers (zero point)


    Text Basics

    Text frames

    Formatting Text frames

    Text frame properties

    Text frame – multi column setup


    Type Handling & Manipulation

    Placing text

    Character styles / Paragraph styles

    Typography and layouts


    Tab Handling

    Tab palette

    Tab characters

    Editing tabs

    Adding leaders



    Colour models, RGB, CMYK & Pantones

    Create New colour

    Edit existing colour

    Accurate colour for print


    Placing images

    Editing images / graphic frames

    Image formats

    Graphic frames


    Combining Type and Imagery

    Text and graphics

    Text wrapping

    Text wrap options

    Clipping paths


    Print output



    Export (print) to .PDF


    (the more persons on the course the more you benefit).  All prices inc. VAT

    • Standard rate for one person: £275.00
    • A second and subsequent persons: £75.00
    • *Laptop Hire £25.00 per machine per day
      *T&C’s apply for laptop hire

    Depending on your location in the UK expenses for the InDesign and Photoshop Training course may be incurred.


    The InDesign and Photoshop training is held onsite UK wide including Midlands and all major cities incluing Derby, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Reading, Norwich, Cambridge, Hull, Chester, Lancashire, Peterborough, Northampton, Coventry, Stratford, Warwick, Leicester

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