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  • Premier Pro Training - Introduction Course

    Premier Pro Training

    This Premier Pro Training Course introduces you to the basics of Video Editing by showing how to create, edit and produce video footage for use in social media, the broadcasting arena or for eLearning projects. This is a general introduction to Premier Pro and is perfect for anyone looking to create, edit and publish business & marketing videos, create videos for social media such as Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook or to enhance personal video projects.


    Premier Pro Training Course
    general info

    This Premier Pro Training runs for 2 days and is ideal as a one to one course or for groups of up to 6 people. It is run onsite (in-house) at your premises or can be *organised at a training suite near to you. Premier Pro courses are run across the Midlands and UK including all major towns and cities such as Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Birmingham, Worcester, Oxford and London. Please get in touch to discuss your options.


    Onsite Premier Pro Training Courses
    what are the benefits?

    There are a great deal of reasons but the main ones are

    • Training is run completely around you and your company
    • There is no travel involved for you or your team saving you travel /overnight stays and general expenses
    • Dates and times are completely flexible and organised around your team
    • It’s cheaper than traditional training
    • Your Premier Training course content is worked out prior to the training so everyone knows exactly what will be covered making for completely tailored training courses


    Premier Pro Training

    Pricing is very straightforward. You can get a group of four delegates trained for as little as £575.00 all inc per day

    First person on the course is £275.00 all inc per day

    Each subsequent person is £100.00 all inc per day

    Private Individuals / One to One Sessions £300.00 all inc per day

    Depending on location expenses may be incurred

    * Please contact for venue pricing


    What will I learn?

    This is an Introduction to Premier Pro Course and so you need little or no experience of the software. It starts with the fundamentals then gathers momentum during the training. After the course you will be able to produce, edit and export video for various platforms including social media and web. The full overview is below but on the course you will learn:


    Premier Pro Interface

    Panels, Workspaces

    Non Linear Editing /Tapeless Workflow




    Setting up a Project

    Adding Clips /Footage

    Using Video /Audio Transitions



    Understanding the Timeline

    Positioning Clips on the Timeline


    Razor /Ripple /Rolling

    Speed Ramping



    Controlling Audio

    Parametric Equalizer

    Removing Background Noise

    Removing Echo

    Adding Music

    Adding Voice Overs



    Adjusting Colour

    Clip Colouring

    Lumetri Color Panel

    Four Primary Video Scopes


    PIP in Premier Pro

    Recording PIP

    Importing PIP

    Editing PIP 

    PIP Transitions


    Premier Pro


    Exporting to Social Media

    Export Options


    Don’t have a good day, have a great one


    Greta Powell Training Ltd







    Premier Pro Training - Introduction Course - Overviews

    Premier Pro Basics

    • The Premiere Pro interface
    • Premier Pro Panels
      (Source, Program, Project & Sequence)
    • Premier Pro Workspaces
    • Premier Pro ‘Ribbon’
    • Organising your workflow
    • Starting new video projects


    Premier Pro Media & Projects

    • Importing Media /Media Clips
    • Working with existing media
    • Video resolutions / Formats
    • Adding Media Clips to Timeline


    Sequencing Premier Pro

    • Navigating within clips
    • Marking in & out points
    • Creating new sequences
    • Editing sequences & clips
    • Speed Ramping
    • Editing Clip Speed (Slow Mo /Fast Mo)
    • Video Sync Locks
    • Using the Razor tool
    • Splitting Video /Audio Tracks



    Premier Pro Timeline

    • Working with timelines
    • Adding /Removing from timeline
    • Adding Video Transitions
    • Adding Sound Transitions
    • Filter Effects for Sound & Video Rippling
    • Video & Audio Speeds


    Premier Pro – Colour Correction

    • Changing clip colours
    • Using Basic Colour Correction
    • Working with Vignettes
    • Colour Wheels
    • Face Detection


    Video Titles

    • Adding Text using the Text Tools
    • Text Filters
    • Working with Smart Objects
    • Exporting Text Transitions
    • Exporting Video

    Audio Tracks

    • Working with audio files
    • Enhancing Audio using Audio Workspace
    • Adding Music to Videos
    • Sound Filters
    • Exporting Sound


    PIP in Premier Pro

    • Recording PIP
    • Importing PIP
    • Editing PIP
    • PIP Transitions


    Exporting Video

    • Exporting Video for Social Media
    • Exporting Video to Web
    • Exporting Video
    • Output video formats


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