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  • Premiere Pro Intermediate Training

    Premiere Pro Intermediate Training


    Adobe Premiere Pro Course Midlands and UK wide - Onsite & Online Premiere Pro TrainingOur Premiere Pro Intermediate Training Courses Midlands, UK based are available onsite at your premises or as Online Premiere Pro Training Sessions with a live instructor.


    The Premiere Pro Training courses run at all levels from Introduction through to Advanced including workshops and tailored sessions. On this Premiere Pro Intermediate Course you will build on your current skills and learn more complex techniques and tools.


    Our private Video Editing Training events are ideal for anyone looking for an in-depth, focused approach to the software. Please get in touch to discuss your training options.


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    Premiere Pro Training – what will you learn?

    Advanced Premiere Pro Training CoursesThis course expands on your existing skills and is very much hands on working with flexible content. The course overview below is offered as a basic guideline and we are happy to create tailored training content for you /your company. 


    During the course you will learn how to work in depth with the Effect Controls panel to change position, scale and opacity using key frames and will spend time creating animations using kinetic text and artwork to design different animated effects.


    We also work with masks and mask paths and use them to animate or blur parts of a clip such as blurring out a face /number plate /background. Keying plays a large part of this course and you’ll learn how to work in depth with keying (Chroma /Ultra) in depth.


     By the end of the training you will be creating and editing professional and complex sequences /footage with greater accuracy and speed. This course will give you the knowledge and skill-set to build content for various destinations including film, digital media channels, instructional and training videos and more.


    Premiere Pro Training – who is it for?

    Like all Adobe products Premiere Pro is used across a wide spectrum of industries including content creators, videographers, social media & comm’s teams, construction, manufacturing, marketing and so ideal for anyone looking to work with video editing.


    Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds including marketing, construction, presentation, broadcasting, videography, HR, content creators and administrators. Recently it is becoming particularly popular with marketing & sales professionals who are using the software to construct short explainer videos for social media.


    Online Premiere Pro Training

    Hosted onsite at your premises or delivered online with a live instructor. Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro Course Midlands and UK wideWe also deliver virtual online Premiere Pro Courses. These are held with a live trainer with whom you’ll be able to chat, message and share screens with in real time throughout the course.


    What do I need for online Premiere Pro Training?

    You will need a laptop with video & audio (video camera /webcam) a headset and video conferencing software such as Zoom or Teams need to be set up on your computer prior to the course.


    Because these are live online classrooms all our online Adobe Training courses are available on a 24 /7 basis and can be delivered overnight and the weekends to your time zone.


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    Added bonus to Online Video Editing Training


    Another bonus of Online Video Editing Training Courses is the lack of travel involved by anyone meaning a little less environmental impact on the planet. It’s also great for those working from home days wherever you are, the UK, the US.


    Onsite Adobe Premiere Pro Courses

    Onsite Adobe Premiere Pro Training CoursesThese are hosted onsite at your offices and can be tailored to your criteria by specifying exactly what content you want covering.


    The trainer comes out to you to host the course on your premises at times and dates to suit you. 

    Onsite Adobe Premiere Pro Courses offer a number of advantages including:

    • The training is focused entirely on your and your company requirements

    • No traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses

    • Cheaper than traditional training

    • The approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs 

    • If preferred prior to the training we organise an online meeting to discuss your aims, content preferences and levels of delegate /s knowledge

    • Flexible dates & times to suit you


    Find out more about our Onsite Premiere Pro Courses


    Booking a Premiere Pro Course

    Once you’ve booked a course with us and received your confirmation of booking we then organise a voice call /video meeting between you and your trainer to discuss the content and logistics of the course. 


    After Course Support

    Your course booking includes course notes and full post course support via email and if necessary we will record video for you or organise a direct online chat with the trainer who who held the course.


    Premiere Pro Certificate

    After the course you will receive a Premiere Pro Completion of Course certificate by email



    Other Popular Premiere Pro Courses

    Quick Start Premiere Pro Course 

    Introduction to Premiere Pro Course

    Advanced Premiere Pro Course


    Onsite Premiere Pro Training, where do we travel?

    Our onsite Premiere Pro Intermediate Training runs across the Midlands, UK wide and all major cities and surrounding areas Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Leicester, London, Birmingham, Lincoln, Liverpool and York to name but a few. Please get in touch to discuss availability in your area.


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    Premiere Pro Intermediate Training - Overviews

    Premiere Pro Animation

    Basics of Animation

    Working with Keyframes

    Animating Scale, Rotation & Opacity

    Animating Type Titles

    Backtiming for Precision

    Duplicate Keyframe Actions


    Linear Keys /Ease in /Ease Out

    Temporal /Spatial Interpolations


    Premiere Pro Masking

    Create Mask Shapes

    Invert /Edit Masks

    Mask Paths

    Track Path

    Feather, Expansion and Opacity

    Create Vignettes


    Premiere Pro Mask Paths

    Mask Paths

    Automatic Mask Tracking

    Manual Mask Tracking

    Using the Pen Tool

    Adjustment Layers

    Blur Face /Mask Out Objects /Isolation


    Premiere Pro – Image Sequences

    Creating an Image Sequence

    Naming Files in an Image Sequence

    Importing a Sequence

    Editing Sequences in Premiere Pro

    Premiere Pro
    Basics of Colour

    Lumetri Colour

    Basic Colour Corrections

    Light & Colour

    Shadows /Highlights



    Premiere Pro
    Advanced Edits

    Advanced Trimming on the Timeline

    Working with Ripple Edit Tool

    Working with Rolling Edit Tool /edit time

    J&L Cuts using Rolling Edit Tool

    Synchronise Clips with Slip Tools

    Using the Slide Tool


    Premiere Pro
    Working with Adobe Software

    Importing & Working with Illustrator Files

    Working with Adobe Effects Files

    Importing and Working with PDS (Photoshop) Files


    Premiere Pro
    Dynamic Linking

    What is Dynamic Linking

    Single /Multiple Links to After Effects

    Render /Render & Replace

    Replace with Clip /Source Monitor

    Dynamic Linking with After Effects & Audition

    Motion Effects

    PIP (Picture in Picture)

    Copy /Paste Attributes

    Using Nest for Effects

    Side by Side PIP

    Using Crop Effect for SbyS


    Premiere Pro
    Voice Overs

    Set Microphone Icon to Audio Options

    Audio Tracks

    Voice Over Record Settings

    Set Preferences > Audio Hardware

    Record the Audio


    Premiere Pro Timing

    Slow /Speed Adjustments

    Manipulating Timing

    Time Remapping /Speed Ramping

    Freeze Frame /Reverse Video

    Rate Stretch Tool


    Premiere Pro Keying

    Green Screens

    Ultra Key /Chroma Key

    Keying Colour

    Aggressive Colour Control

    Hue /Saturation Adjustment

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