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  • Adobe Illustrator CC Introduction Course

    Adobe Illustrator CC Training

    This is an Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CC training course which is ideal for anyone with little to no experience of the software and looking for a course to learn vector graphics. It is delivered both as an Onsite Illustrator Course and virtual Online Illustrator Training. 


    Our Onsite Illustrator Training Courses are available UK wide including the Midlands and major cities such as Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Sheffield, London & Leicester.


    Illustrator CC Training Course
    who is it for?

    Adobe InDesign Introduction Training ideal for beginners - one of our Creative Cloud Training CoursesThis is an Introduction to Illustrator Course so its perfect for beginners or those looking for refresher training.


    It is a very comprehensive Illustrator Introduction Course so ideal for everyone wanting to work in vector graphics. 


    Over the years this Illustrator Course has been delivered to a wide range of people from many different companies. It is used by marketeers, designers, product designers, content creators, fashion design, studio crew, digital artwork, administrators and educators to name a few. 


    If you want to create vector graphics then Illustrator CC is the most popular choice. If you work with any of the other CC software such as InDesign or Photoshop then being a part of Creative Cloud means it integrates beautifully with them.


    Do I need to be an illustrator or artist?


    Absolutely not! But by learning Illustrator you will learn how to adapt existing artwork to create your own unique highly effective Illustrator vector graphics


    Although of course illustrators and digital artists use the software extensively. However Adobe Illustrator provides tools such as AutoTrace and the Pen tool which let you work with existing artwork to produce your own unique imagery.


    One of the tools you learn on the course is AutoTrace, an example of Illustrator’s AutoTrace tool can be seen below. This tool is used to break down artwork into vector paths to be edited and adapted by you.


    Illustrator Introduction Course
    what will you learn?

    Adobe Illustrator Training - work with AutoTraceThe course begins right at the beginning by covering the Illustrator interface, Illustrator Toolbox and many of its menu’s and panels.


    These are very flexible courses and so your Illustrator Course can be tailored to fit with your company so you can choose the type of content you want to create on the course.


    We specialise in tailored Illustrator CC Courses so you can choose what you would like to cover during the training. 


    For example you may want to change logos, colours and perspective of clothing or design high impact flyers and infographics or specialise in social media icons and logo design.


    You will learn the following tools, functions and techniques.


    • Work with Illustrator Tools, Panels & Interface
    • Understand and use selection tools in Illustrator
    • Create, edit and manipulate shapes
    • Drawing tools, pen, anchor points, pathfinder
    • Use Illustrator’s layout tools including Grids, Guides, Smart Guides
    • Illustrator Type Tools
    • Working with Images
    • Exporting /Printing to Print & Web


    The full Illustrator course content is at the bottom of the screen.


    Download the Adobe Illustrator Introduction Training Course Overview here


    Adobe Illustrator 
    what can it be used for?

    Some of the more typical things people use it for is to:


    • Create logos, symbols, icons for screen, digital, print & video
    • Website Mockup Design
    • Design Packaging
    • Social Media Icons
    • Social Media Images & Posts
    • Infographics
    • Charts, Graphs & Spreadsheets (to enhance documents like financial reports & tenders)


    Online Illustrator CC Training

    Adobe Illustrator Training Introduction Course - Creative Cloud Training CoursesAs with our onsite course the Online Illustrator Training Courses are flexible and can be customised to individual and group training.


    These can be delivered on video software of your choice and include Zoom, Teams and WebEX.


    They are delivered via live instructor in a virtual environment where you can share screens and interact with one another in a similar way to a more traditional training environment. 


    We supply Illustrator CC notes as a followup to the training and if requested can record the session /s from your Online Illustrator CC Courses for you to keep after the course.


    Find out more about the Online Illustrator Training


    Onsite Illustrator CC Courses
    what are the benefits?

    Onsite Illustrator training is extremely flexible and can be organised for one to one sessions, company groups /workshops and larger team roll-out They also SAVE YOU MONEY!


    • The Illustrator Training is hands on working through tasks, theory and discussion
    • There is no travel, hotels or other expenses involved
    • Onsite Illustrator Courses are cheaper than traditional training
    • The course is focused on you and your team as there are no external attendees.
    • Prior to the course you chat about the course with the trainer and have a clear structure.
    • Flexible dates and times.


    Illustrator Training
    course info

    This course takes between one and two days depending on the amount of people sitting on the training. For 121 sessions a day usually but for small groups of between 2 and 6 people two days is more realistic.


    Dates and timings are completely flexible to your schedule and convenience.


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6?  If so, then we can supply laptops and projector hire and take care of all aspects of your Illustrator training course. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


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    Adobe Illustrator Training Midlands - Illustrator Courses run onsite UK wide








    Adobe Illustrator CC Training Course
    where do you travel?

    Being onsite Adobe Training Courses means pretty much everywhere across the Midlands and UK WideAll the major cities, towns and their surrounding area’s are included. It might be easier to say where don’t we go but for example recent courses have been held as far apart as Cambridge, Worcester, Oxford, Brighton, London, Bedford, Liverpool, Swansea, Exeter, Nottingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Coventry and Warwick.


    Please get in touch to discuss dates and availability in your area


    Adobe Illustrator CC Introduction Course - Overviews

    Meeting Adobe Illustrator

    • Toolbox
    • Overview of Palettes
    • Control Bar
    • Views
    • Preferences


    Adobe Illustrator Shapes

    • Elliptic, poly, spiral, rectangle tools
    • Drawing geometric shapes
    • Reshaping / resizing
    • Transforming tool/ scale, reflect, shear and rotate
    • Pathfinder palette


    Adobe Illustrator Stokes & Fills

    • Brush Stokes
    • Apply/ Change/ Edit Strokes
    • Variable Stroke Widths
    • Apply Fills


    Adobe Illustrator Selection Tools

    • Selection tool
    • Direct selection tool
    • Adding / removing to selections
    • Tips / tricks for sleeker selecting

    Adobe Illustrator Colour 

    • Colour palettes
    • Process / spot / global colours / pantones
    • Swatch palette / adding / editing / deleting swatches
    • Working with Fill & Stroke colours
    • Gradient adding colour / editing colours / inkwells
    • Eyedropper tool
    • Paintbucket tool


    Adobe Illustrator Layout Tools

    • Grids
    • Guides
    • Rulers
    • Stacking order
    • Grouping / ungrouping
    • Align and distribute


    Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools

    • Bézier pen
    • Adding / removing points
    • Joining / cutting paths – knife tool
    • Pencil tool
    • Smooth tool
    • Reshape tool
    • Eraser tool

    Adobe Illustrator Type Tool

    • Creating / editing type
    • Typeface attributes / tracking / leading / kerning etc
    • Type on a path
    • Type path options
    • Outline type
    • Type area tool
    • Frame options


    Effects Panel & Transparency

    • Working with Object transparency
    • Blend Effects


    Images into Illustrator

    • Placing Images
    • Linking & Embedding
    • Links Panel
    • Tracing Images in Illustrator


    Adobe Illustrator Print

    • Package
    • Printing files
    • Print options


    Exporting to Digital

    • Exporting to Social Media
    • Exporting to PDF
    Onsite Illustrator Training Pricing

    Onsite per day

    • Standard rate for one person: £275.00 All Inc per day
    • Subsequent persons: £75.00 All Inc per day
    • *Laptop Hire £25.00 per computer per day
    • Depending on location Travel Expenses may be involved

    *T&C’s apply to laptop hire


    Onsite Illustrator Training Courses are available in all cities and towns across the UK and their surrounding areas. Training has been delivered in places as far apart as Exeter, Liverpool, Lincoln, Chester, Worcester, Nottingham, Derby, London, Brighton, Leicester, Leeds, Bradford, Oxford, Northampton, Bedford, Newcastle, the Midlands and more. Please get in touch for an informal chat about your location and how I can help with your Adobe Illustrator Training needs.

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