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    Live Online Training Courses

    Live Online Training Courses can be streamed directly to your devices and computers bringing an instructor live to your screen. Online training courses can be delivered to you wherever your location whether you’re home, in the office or elsewhere.


    These are live online training courses providing you with direct visual and audio communication with your trainer. Just as in an Onsite Training Course you can view the trainers screen and share your own with the trainer.

    Live Online Training

    Because of the flexibility of online training courses they can be delivered as full day courses or in two hour bite sized chunks which can also be used to cover specific features or issues quickly and easily.


    • Course flexibility – Full day training or smaller bite sized chunks at times to suit you
    • Flexible content – learn what you need to when you need to
    • Interact directly with your trainer
    • Interactive messaging and chat 
    • View the trainers work space & share your workspace
    • Training can be arranged virtually 24 /7
      including weekends, evenings and night-times 24/7 (sometimes working remotely has its benefits)

    Blended Learning Sessions
    Onsite & Online Combination

    With the Government relaxing some of the restrictions around lockdown we are now able to offer a combination of both Onsite & Online Training Courses. Please get in touch to find out how this could work for you.


    Online Training Courses –
    how do they work?

    This method of training is the same as having a live instructor in the room except via a digital connection. You will be able to do virtually everything you would in a class setting except its all done via the computer.


    • Hook into the training session live from your home, office
    • Available for between 1 to 6 people so work colleagues can attend virtual sessions.


    Furloughed from work?

    If you are on Furlough from your company this does not affect your status – you can still attend training during the furlough. 

    Find out more at Gov.com


    Online Training 
    what do I need?

    You will need a laptop with video & audio (video camera /webcam) and headsets. You will probably already have video conferencing software set up on your computer  but currently Greta Powell Training is using Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex to deliver online training courses. If you don’t have video conferencing on your computer or are a little unsure as to how it works don’t worry we provide a quick tutorial /video on your chosen software.


    Online Training Courses
    which courses are available?

    Any of the training courses including image editing, video editing, eLearning and presentations listed on this website can be delivered remotely to your computer.


    What are the benefits?

    • Time Saving – no travel involved
    • No Additional Expenses – no transport, no childcare, no hotels
    • Flexible – times and dates to suit you
    • Accessible to the whole team
    • Courses available evenings, weekends – 24/7

    Bite Sized Training
    two hours!

    Not everyone needs a full days training. There may be a certain task, a technique or you may need to troubleshoot something very quickly then you can take advantage of the two or four hour bite sized training sessions which usually can be arranged at short notice. 


    Online Adobe Training Courses
    bite sized pricing

    2 hours online training £65.00 for 121 session
    additional persons joining the session £25.00 each

    Contact Greta Powell Training for more details


    4 hours online training £110.00 for 121 session
    additional persons joining the session £20.00 each

    Contact Greta Powell Training for more details


    Online Adobe Training Course
    per day pricing

    Graphics Training Courses

    1 2 1
    Photoshop Social Media £225.00     £70.00   Contact
    Photoshop Training £225.00 £70.00   Contact
    InDesign Training £225.00  £70.00   Contact
    InDesign Interactive         £225.00 £70.00   Contact
    Illustrator Training £225.00 £70.00   Contact
    Lightroom Training £180.00 £70.00   Contact
    Premier Pro Training £240.00 £70.00   Contact
    Affinity Photo Training £180.00 £65.00   Contact
    Microsoft Publisher    £220.00 £70.00   Contact
    Photoshop QuickStart £200.00 £70.00   Contact
    Online Graphics Training Courses

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    Live Online Training Courses

    Online Training Courses - Overviews

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