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    Online Training Courses

    Hello and welcome to the online training courses page which hopefully will let you know more about what exactly online or rather live learning is and what it can do for you. Basically people and companies are finding that online training is either an excellent way to get people trained directly from their computers or as a blended learning approach.


    These days travel is complicated, stressful and time consuming but with an online training course you could learn from the comfort of your office or home? All training courses on the site can be delivered directly to you virtually anywhere on the globe.


    Because of the flexibility of online training courses these can be delivered as full day courses or in two hour bite sized chunks which can also be used to cover specific features or issues quickly and easily.

    • As with traditional training you still work with a real person in real time
    • No travelling involved to your training course
    • Training can be arranged outside working hours
    • Work from your own premises using your own computer 


    Blended Learning
    what is it?

    Blended learning is a combination of online training, instructor led training and eLearning modules. 


    Online Training Courses –
    how do they work?

    This method of training is the same as having a live instructor in the room except we’re connected digitally via our computers You will be able to do virtually everything you would in a class setting except its all done via the computer. You can hook into the training session live from your home, office or even the beach and instantly interact with me. 


    In essence you have a live online trainer (me) in a live interactive classroom environment delivering your course straight from my computer to your’s. 


    Just like the onsite courses these online training courses are private and can be tailored completely around you, your team or company. They are absolutely perfect ffor 121 sessions or larger company courses.


    You are able to:
    • Ask questions
    • Listen and interact with the trainer
    • View the trainers workspace to follow examples, demo’s etc
    • Share your screen
    • Interact directly from your office or home (no travel, no commute)
    • Interactive messaging & chat with your trainer
    • Flexible hours to suit
    • Weekends, evenings even middle of the night if you’re internationally based


    The training is delivered using web based video software. Prior to training course you will be sent a link to log in. You will need a set of headphones and a second screen if possible.


    Online Training Courses
    which courses are available?

    Any training course listed on this website can be delivered remotely to you via your online training course.


    Online Training Courses
    what are the benefits?


    • Time saving – there is no travel involved
    • No additional expense including transport, childcare, hotels or expenses
    • Time and dates to suit you
    • Accessible for everyone
    • Courses available outside office hours and at weekends.
    • Team members in different locations can join together on the training


    Bite Sized Training
    two hours!

    Not everyone needs a full days training. If you need to learn how to complete a certain task or troubleshoot an issue quickly then take advantage of the two hour bite sized training sessions.


    Pricing for bite sized training

    £100 all inclusive for two hours

    £150.00 all inclusive for four hours


    Pricing per day for online training courses

    Please get in touch to discuss pricing options


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    Online Training Courses

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