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  • QuarkXpress Introduction

    QuarkXpress Training

    This QuarkXpress Training is an Introduction Course which shows you how to work with the Quark interface, use the Toolbox, Measurements bar and the various panels. On the QuarkXpress Course you will learn to create spreads from scratch and edit existing documents.


    During the training you will create documents and layouts such as flyers, posters, stationary and booklets. As the course progresses you will have ample time to learn the basics of graphic design by working with typography, colour models and general design tips and tricks.


    Custom QuarkXpress Training

    If you are new to Quark and looking to create specific documents and spreads you can create your own tailored Quark training course. Tailoring your course content begins with having a chat with your trainer and together you will create the course that is right for you with the content tailored to you.  Contact us to discuss personalised tailored Quark Training


    QuarkXpress Course Content

    The suggested Quark Course content can be viewed below but during the course you would expect to cover the following content:


    • Edit Existing Documents
    • Create & Setup a New Document including bleed, slug & margin areas
    • Workspace, Window Menu & Tools 
    • Colour, Swatches & Pantones
    • Grids, Guides for Precise, Accurate Layouts
    • Format, Layout and Design Documents
    • Interactive Panel
    • Measurements Bar
    • Integrate Microsoft Files to QuarkXpress
    • Integrate Adobe Files to QuarkXpress
    • Publish to various outputs including InDesign, PDF and Export


    QuarkXpress Training
    who is it for?

    This Introduction to QuarkXpress 2019 training is ideal for those with little to no experience with the software. It would benefit individuals who would prefer a 121 session and is perfect for company groups and training events. Over time Quark courses have been delivered to a range of different companies both private and public sector. These include schools, universities, marketeers, designers, bid writers, publishers, educators, content creators, construction and engineering.



    Find out more about QuarkXpress on the Quark website here


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    QuarkXpress Training | QuarkXpress Introduction Course Midlands


    QuarkXpress Introduction - Overviews

    QuarkXpress Interface

    • Tools bar
    • Window Menu & QuarkXpress Palettes
    • Measurements bar
    • Flexible Layout


    QuarkXpress Document Handling

    • Creating / editing / saving documents
    • Insert / edit / manipulate / delete pages
    • identify normal and master pages
    • Grids, Baseline Grid, 9 Point Reference Grid
    • Guides
    • Rulers


    QuarkXpress & Pictures

    • Importing Pictures
    • Resizing Pictures
    • Working with Picture Boxes
    • Handling Pictures in QuarkXpress


    Layout features

    • Content Sync
    • Split Views
    • Object Alignment
    • Object Duplication
    • Step and Repeat



    QuarkXPress Colour Palette

    • Colour palette
    • Adding colours
    • Editing colours
    • Applying colours
    • Gradients / fills / strokes


    QuarkXpress Swatches

    • Swatches
    • Colour Matching
    • Pantones


    QuarkXpress Text & Text Frames

    • Entering text
    • Text formatting
    • Importing and positioning text
    • Linking / unlinking text boxes
    • Text to box
    • Text on a path
    • QuarkXPress type handling
    • Character styles / paragraph styles
    • Style sheets
    • Advanced type layout / tracking, kerning, optical margin alignment etc

    QuarkXPress – Text meets Graphics

    • Inserting images
    • Roundtripping with Photoshop
    • Runaround Techniques
    • Clipping Paths
    • Graphics formats ie. eps, png etc
    • Transparency


    QuarkXPress Print Output

    • Spot / process printing
    • Collect for output
    • Export for .pdf


    QuarkXpress Output

    • Print Preview
    • Soft Proofing
    • Colour Management
    • International Colour Standards


    QuarkXpress & Adobe

    • Adobe Integration
    • Convert Adobe Files such as PDF, AI & EPS to Quark


    QuarkXpress & Microsoft

    • Import Word Text to QuarkXpress
    • Import Excel Spreadsheets to QuarkXpress
    • Update Excel Spreadsheets
    • Import Microsoft Styles, Hyperlinks etc to Quark

    Prices for QuarkXpress Introduction training – onsite per day.  All prices inc. VAT

    • Standard rate for one person: £300.00 all inclusive per day 
    • Second & Subsequent persons: £75.00 all inclusive per person per day 
    • Laptop Hire £25.00 per machine per day


    We are Midlands based so depending on your location in the UK travel expenses may be incurred.

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