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  • QuarkXpress 2017 Training

    Quark 2017 Training Course

    This QuarkXpress Course gives the skills needed to  work with the features and tools contained in QuarkXpress 2017 and to produce attractive, professional documents for print and screen. You will learn how to pull text and graphics together to produce flyers, newsletters, reports, bid tenders in both print and eformats including ebooks and .PDF. Delivered onsite across the UK this Quark Training is ideal for those new to the software or looking for a refresher course.  It is designed for 121 sessions and company groups.


    I deliver this onsite Quark course in all major cities including Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Liverpool, Lincoln, Sheffield, Leeds, London, Oxford in their surrounding areas and across the UK including the Midlands and the North.


    Onsite QuarkXpress Training

    As with all my training this Quark course is fluid and trainer led and the overview shown below is just a guide to the content and can be adapted and tailored to suit you. This is a two day course.


    On this QuarkXpress 2017 training you will learn: (full Quark Course overview below)


    • Work with the Quark interface, tools & panels
    • Create and edit text
    • Create, edit and work with Style Sheets
    • Import and edit images
    • Create various layouts both single & multipage
    • Work with Master Pages 
    • Rework layouts for export to ePubs and eBooks
    • Print & .PDF


    Onsite Quark Training Locations

    This is QuarkXpress onsite training which means location is not a restriction as I travel extensively across the UK including all major cities and the surrounding area’s including: Bradford, Oxford, York, Doncaster, Derby, Coventry, Cheltenham, Chester, Liverpool, The Wirral, Coventry, Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln, Stoke.


    Please contact me for dates and availability


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6?  If so, then I can supply laptops and projector hire and take care of all aspects of your Photoshop training course – again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


    As well as QuarkXpress 2017 I also run Quark Courses in previous versions.  Please get in touch for an informal no obligation chat as to how I can help you further with your training needs.


    Thank you for visiting my site.

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    QuarkXpress 2017 Training - Overviews

    QuarkXPress Interface

    • Tools bar
    • Palettes
    • Measurements bar


    QuarkXPress document handling

    • Creating / editing / saving documents
    • Insert / edit / manipulate / delete pages
    • identify normal and master pages
    • Grids including baseline grid
    • Rulers


    QuarkXPress Colour Panel

    • Colour panel
    • Adding colours
    • Editing colours
    • Applying colours
    • Gradients / fills / strokes
    • Swatch Panel


    QuarkXPress & ePubs

    • Understanding eFormats
    • Creating Documents for ePubs
    • Repurposing Content for ePubs

    QuarkXPress & Multipage Layouts

    • Creating Master Pages
    • Applying and editing Masters
    • Multiple Master Pages
    • Sections
    • Auto Numbering 


    QuarkXPress Text

    • Entering text
    • Text formatting
    • Importing and positioning text
    • Linking / unlinking text boxes
    • Text to box
    • Text on a path


    QuarkXPress Stylesheets

    • QuarkXPress type handling
    • Character styles / Paragraph Styles 
    • Editing Styles
    • Appending Styles 
    • Advanced type layout / tracking, kerning, optical margin alignment etc

    QuarkXPress Text meets Graphics

    • Inserting images
    • Roundtrip editing using basic Photoshop techniques
    • Runaround
    • Editing Runaround
    • Clipping Paths
    • Transparency
    • Graphics formats ie. eps, png etc


    QuarkXPress print output

    • Spot / process printing
    • Collect for output
    • Export for .pdf
    • Exporting to eFormats
    • The first person/individual: £275.00 all inclusive per day
    • Second/subsequent delegates: £75.00 each all inclusive per day
    • *Laptop Hire: £25.00 per computer per day
      *T&C’s apply to laptop hire
    • Projector Hire: £35.00 per day


    Depending on location travel expenses may be incurred



    This QuarkXpress 2017 Training is held onsite UK Wide including Midlands, Derby, Warwickshire, Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Leeds, Sheffield, Northampton – I travel extensively across the UK so please contact me regarding location and dates.

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