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    Prezi Video Training


    TPrezi Video Training Coursehis Prezi Video Training Course is available either hosted onsite at your premises or as a virtual Online Prezi Training session.


    It’s a one day intensive course so ideal for one to one sessions, closed company courses or larger team roll-outs. Our onsite Prezi Video Training is available UK wide covering most major cities and surrounding areas including Nottingham, Sheffield and Lincoln to name a few.


    On this Prezi course you will find out about working with video in Prezi as a live stream and how to record effective and dynamic video presentations.


    Prezi for Video Training Course, what will I learn?

    You will learn Prezi tools, features and techniques and understand how the software works by working with the three main tabs in Prezi, Present, Infographics and Video. Once you understand the software we then focus on designing video presentations..


    Prezi and AI Training

    You will learn all aspects of video creation in Prezi from installing the video app (if necessary), setting up the camera and importing external presentations


    Has Prezi got an AI Tool?

    Yes it does and as part of the video training we take a look at the Animated Story, Flow Chart and Visual list to add content to presentations. We include the AI tools in both this course and the Prezi for Education Training Course.


    How do Online Prezi Training Courses work?

    Our Online Prezi Training Courses are hosted with a live instructor giving you direct contact with the trainer throughout your course which is via live video, chat and screen sharing.


    The course is delivered via live video link and in all the most popular video conferencing software including Zoom, Teams and Google Hangouts.


    All our digital design training courses are available online. 


    Online or onsite presentation coursesMany of our clients say online Prezi Courses work well for them especially on working from home days or overnight when abroad.


    And, of course an additional bonus is the lack of travel which of course helps the environment in obvious ways. (We super love the second one)


    Because of the flexibility of virtual classrooms we can offer online Prezi training sessions 24 /7 basis including the weekends.


    Find out more about online training courses


    Or get in touch to chat about how we can help with with your training needs.


    Get in touch to find out more about Prezi


    How do Onsite Prezi Courses work?

    Prezi onsite at your premisesOnsite Prezi Training is available UK wide, just get in touch to find out about availability in your area. Our onsite Prezi training course are designed for large team roll outs, 121 sessions, company groups /workshops.


    There are a number of benefits to onsite courses but the main ones are:  


    The training is totally focused around your company and your company needs. We are quite happy to tailor your course to your sector whether that be corporate, educational or other.


    There is no travelling involved for you or your team saving you money on travel and expenses making it much cheaper than traditional training in a centre.


    Once you have confirmed your booking with us we organise a virtual meeting /voice chat between you and your trainer to discuss your aims and criteria to create a tailored Prezi course.


    We organise dates and times to suit your company schedule.


    Find out more about onsite Prezi training courses


    Do you run other Prezi Courses?

    Yes we do, we have a Prezi Introduction Course which introduces you to Prezi and shows you how to work with the software to produce outstanding presentations quickly and easily. Plus we also run our Prezi for Educators Course designed specifically for trainers and educators.



    We also run a number of Microsoft PowerPoint Training Courses including:



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    Adobe MasterClass Training Courses in Worcester and Worcestershire


    Prezi Video Training - Overviews

    Prezi Dashboard & Canvas

    Working with the Dashboard

    Using Templates or a Blank Prezi

    Prezi Present, Prezi Video & Prezi Design

    Working with the Prezi Canvas


    Prezi Present

    Adding /Editing Templates

    Start from Scratch /PowerPoint

    Prezi Interface

    Prezi Toolbars /Panels


    Prezi Infographics

    Working with Prezi Infographics

    Designing Infographics

    Infographic Design for Social Media


    Inserting Elements in Prezi

    Inserting video

    Inserting sound

    Inserting Flash files

    Inserting files

    Organizing assets

    Navigating and rearranging with paths

    Prezi Video

    Quick Record Video

    Importing from PowerPoint

    Download Video Desktop App

    Working with Prezi Present


    Prezi & Cameras

    Set up Camera /s

    Present in a Video Call

    Practice and Record


    Prezi Video Panel

    Import Images

    Import Videos

    Import Animations

    Working with Content

    Virtual Backgrounds /Green Screen


    Prezi & External Presentations

    Work with Google Slides

    Work with PowerPoint Slides

    Add Widgets

    Prezi & AI

    Ask Prezi AI

    AI Sub Menu

    AI and Text

    Flow Charts

    Visual Lists

    Animated Stories


    Prezi & Presenting in Video Calls

    Present in Teams

    Present in Zoom

    Present in Google

    Inserting Video Widgets

    Discard & Re-record

    Trim Video

    Save Video


    Prezi Export

    Share Prezi

    Download Prezi

    Video Conferencing

    Working with Metadata




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