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  • Is Prezi Video Good?

    Posted on 8th December 2023 by Greta Powell

    Is Prezi Video Good?


    Prezi Design Training online and onsiteInside Prezi can be found the wonderful Prezi Video app which gives you complete control over your footage production.


    This part of Prezi is super straightforward to learn and gives great results so the answer has to be yes it is good.


    You can work with it as standalone video or turn on your webcam to record yourself as footage.


    Video Presentations

    There are a number of different ways to work with video in Prezi. You can opt to insert a pre-recorded video into the presentation, record your own videos inside Prezi itself or you can download and use the Prezi Video desktop app to present your own content live within video conferencing software.


    Online & Onsite Prezi Training CoursesPrezi does support most video conferencing software such as Zoom, WebEX or GotoWebinar.


    The video app is extremely powerful and lets you appear beside your content so that you can chat and demonstrate in real time to your audience which is very useful to anyone using Prezi in most settings.


    Our Prezi for Video Training covers all these video and education features.


    Prezi for Video Training Course

    View our Prezi for Educators Training Course


    Is Prezi Video ok for those with no experience?

    Yes it’s fine for anyone new to video design.


    No experience with any other video editing app is needed as Prezi’s app is both easy to learn and once understood simple to use.


    Online & Onsite Training Courses

    Whether you design footage from scratch or use one of the pre-defined templates Prezi literally holds your hand.


    It contains a broad choice of templates including pre-set video ones which can be adapted with your own content.


    Imagine being able to set the scene using your own images, adding your own text or making use of the many free visuals contained in the Prezi library.


    Once you’ve designed your canvas you simply choose whether you want to record using your webcam or simply add narration.


    After all this designing and recording you will be able to make any edits then publish the presentation to MP4 which can then be shared out.


    By the way any existing content, perhaps designed in the Present app can be imported in to be included in the video.


    Live Streaming in Prezi

    Prezi Video Quick TipWe all know remote presenting can be problematic especially when it comes to keeping delegates involved in the presentation. Once you’ve installed the Prezi Video desktop app you use your webcam to live stream directly with the presentation. 


    Did you know that if you want to play sound from your video at the same time you’re video-chatting you can share any system sounds with your audience.


    Go to the Share Screen >Advanced >Share System Sounds which lets you chat on the video with sound share. 


    ! When you use this option you need to be aware that all sounds on the computer will be heard.


    Find out more about Live Streaming in Prezi



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