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  • What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

    Posted on 28th December 2023 by Greta Powell

    What is Adobe Premiere Pro?


    What is Premiere Pro?So, what is Adobe Premiere Pro?


    The short answer is, it’s video editing software and a member of Adobe Creative Cloud. 


    It’s a straightforward process to edit a solo video clip but the game changes considerably when you need to work with multiple video and audio clips which need to be strung together to make a complete movie. This is when you move into the realm of video editing and probably using Premiere Pro.


    There are other software alternatives but Premiere Pro really is King of video editing and used both professionally and personally and of course integrates seamlessly with the rest of Creative Cloud.


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    Creative Cloud Express Course

    Posted on 14th May 2022 by Greta Powell

    Creative Cloud Express Course


    Creative Cloud Courses online & onsite 24 /7 online trainingBlimey it seems no sooner we post something these days than an update appears and consequently we need to update the post. Over the last few days Adobe have now released some new features for CC Express including new social scheduling capabilities called Content Scheduler which is included in our Creative Cloud Express Course. Originally known as ContentCal a little bit of background info can be found here it makes short work of scheduling your posts.


    Not so much the pretty side of CC Express Content Scheduler works in the background and as its original ContentCal name suggests works as a content marketing solution by automating posting to your social media channels. It lets you schedule, preview and publish to multiple social destinations.


    And another CC Express Update – new Beta

    Just a quick update on CC Express, early June saw a change to CC Express in the release of a new beta version. Apart from the new and slicker interface the main update is its inclusion of Adobe Firefly which is giving it gives everyone access to AI artwork. 


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    Adobe Firefly

    *FIrefly can also be found in the Beta version of Photoshop with its new generative fill, a type to text tool. You type in the image keywords and voila a ‘relevant’ image appears like magic. Lots of potential there. For anyone worried about potential copyright issues at this moment in time all images are from Adobe Stock.


    The new geneative fill tool bar in Adobe Photoshop Beta.


    Adobe Firefly Generative Fill Toolbar. 



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