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    Posted on 21st August 2023 by Greta Powell

    Adobe CC Express – Video and AI


    Online Adobe CC Express Training CourseAdobe CC Express continues working its way into the social media content world with its recently added features which include additional video tools and the controversial or not so controversial  AI Generative Fill. Just on an offside the Adobe Express Training Course has been updated with these features


    As Video and AI have been at the tip of many tongues recently we thought, well we haven’t done a blog post recently so why not take a quick look at these two features.


    How Important is Video in Social Media?

    Well and don’t quote us on this but it’s said that people now watch video in preference to written text and gain more information from short reels than lots of verbiage. Not only is it a fast and effective way of supplying content to social media channels but it also engages people whatever the subject.


    Adobe Express Video

    CC Express has supported video since its beginning and for a while you’ve been able to stitch together a basic video in the software but this later version lets you do far more advanced edits and effects to your footage.



    As you can see from the CC Express video above, just scroll through the different post sizes until you find the one you need. Most social media post sizes from TikTok to Instagram Reels are in there and there’s even a couple of LinkedIn ones as well.


    If by some chance you can’t find the one you want then you simply click on Customise Size and type in the measurements for the specific post


    Create a custom size video in Adobe Express


    Once you’ve accepted the Instagram size (in this particular instance) or typed in a custom size setup you’ll enter the Editor screen and can either upload a video from your computer or choose one from Adobe Stock. Here’s a link to a finished video post which was made for a personal project.


    We did do some tweaking in Premiere Pro prior to uploading it to Adobe Express, for example the video did have a Effect applied in Premiere Pro before being uploaded to Adobe Express for final tweaking.


    Which brings us to the interesting point that once you’ve completed designing your post in Express you can then import the file into Premiere Pro and add some extra umph from there.


    Take a look at the finished post


    Returning to the CC Express Editor Screen you can then add text, images and media to the post to ‘perk’ it up visually. You can then finally edit the overall video by trimming /splitting the frames, add transitions which at time of writing is only Cross Dissolve.


    Adobe Express & Generative Fill

    Basically Generative Fill translates to Adobe AI or as it’s otherwise known as their Sensai Machine Learning and is now part of Adobe Express. 


    Find out more about Sensai and ‘Machine Learning’


    Although Express has been around for a couple of years now Generative Fill only became part of the software in the latest release. In actual fact removing backgrounds from videos mentioned earlier in this post is down to AI as is the ability to now use audio to create character animations.


    Didn’t we mention that one?  


    What is Generative Fill?

    Basically it works in exactly the same way as all AI in Adobe. By using generative fill you give Adobe’s AI the power to create images ‘generated’ on keywords /text entered into Express by you.  There are a number of different options as shown in the graphic below but basically they all work in the same way.


    By typing in your own text Express generates images for you based exactly on that. 


    Generative Fill in Adobe Express









































    Basically exactly the same as in most of the Adobe Creative Cloud. In the dialogue box type in words relevant to the artwork you want to create then click the Generate button to let Express do the work. You can choose whether the completed artwork is to be in the form of a photo, graphic or art from the content type box.


    Once you’ve typed in your text choice, page set up and content type just click the Generate button and wait to see what happens. It can be a little random but random is fun sometimes….


    At the back of Generative Fill is Adobe Firefly which integrates with the Creative Cloud into most, if not all apps including Photoshop, Illustrator and, of course CC Express.


    Read more about Adobe Firefly


    Adobe Express Training

    We regularly run Adobe Express Training Courses. These can be onsite at your premises or delivered as Online Adobe Express Training sessions with a live instructor. Please get in touch to find out how we can help with your Adobe Express Training Course. 


    Find our more about our Adobe Express Training


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