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  • What is Photoshop?

    Posted on 3rd June 2019 by Greta Powell

    What is Photoshop?

    Photoshop has been around since the 80’s and is defined as the industry standard image editing software. And what it does is create, edit and enhance imagery in raster and vector based graphic formats. 


    What is a raster & what is a vector?

    In short raster refers to a photograph whilst vector refers to a drawn piece of artwork. So for example if David Bailey had to pick one he’d opt for Photoshop whereas Vincent Van Gogh would go for Illustrator.


    How does Photoshop Work

    Photoshop is based on layers system. It has been described as similar to acetate based layers. Each layer is created and lives in the Layer Panel and each one holds a separate element such as text, shapes, images placed on their individual layers which can be adjusted individually (or as groups). Each layer will support transparency and overlays and can be used for masking, selections, image adjustments and artistic filters. 


    As with all the Adobe software it integrates perfectly with Adobe’s other apps including InDesign & Illustrator and Lightroom.


    What tasks is Photoshop used for?

    Photoshop CC Training NottinghamAlthough it started life as a fairly straightforward image editor that has changed and you can now use Photoshop for print, web and even video output. Many marketeers love to use Photoshop for video production because they already know the software and find working with Photoshop’s Timeline a natural progression.


    It is used to enhance photographs for corporate publications such as brochures, newsletters and tenders. Designers use it for poster, banner and layout design and photographers use it for their photography. Known as the Blur Gallery, Photoshop comes with a mass of filters dedicated to photography and works seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom (well, it works seamlessly with all Adobe CC products). You can use it to retouch images such as smooth skin tone, change eye colour or simply airbrush images for corporate literature and the company website. Photoshop is also used to create web materials such as banners and animated GIFS for social media and business websites and, as has already been mentioned create and edit video footage.


    Most common questions

    How do I remove a background from Photoshop?

    This can be as easy as a few clicks by using the colour sampler tool or quick selection tool or for more complicated backgrounds by using the masking tools.


    Can I create web banners in Photoshop?

    Yes. Because of the flexibility of Photoshop you can easily build web banners which include images, vector shapes and animated GIFs.


    We need to airbrush images of staff members for publishing

    No problem at all. On the Introduction to Photoshop Course you will cover re-touching in great detail and learn how to turn all your staff into super-stars


    So what can I use it for in my work?

    Social media is everywhere and you can use Photoshop to enhance your images, create GIF (animated images) or work with video to enhance and give your posts extra shine. Not only can you do this on your computer but you can create and edit on the move using Adobe Photoshop mix. To take a shot, edit on the fly check out the Adobe mobile mix at  Read more about Adobe’s Mobile Apps


    Only creatives use Photoshop – right?

    Wrong, people think Photoshop is a package of creatives. Where this once was the case it isn’t any more and Photoshop can be seen on computers in most offices these days. By using Photoshop in the office you can save a small fortune by editing your own images for PowerPoint presentations, company magazines and web graphics. In fact, many people are not even aware that they can use Photoshop to work with video – its ideal for small marketing movies. 


    Photoshop gives you the ability to create images for print, social media and web. Create and design info-graphics, logos, animated GIF’s, Videos.


    Who uses it?

    These days virtually everyone. Once it was the province of photographers and designers but now the list is as broad as it is wide. But just to give an idea Photoshop Training Courses have been delivered to Photographers, Schools, Universities, Construction, Marketing, Designers, Administration, Finance, Document Production and the list goes on. If you take a look at the testimonials page you will get an idea of who Greta Powell Training has delivered Photoshop Courses to in the past. or view our reviews page at reviews.io


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