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  • Fantastic Photographer – Ian Treherne

    Posted on 3rd June 2019 by Greta Powell

    Fantastic Photographer – Ian Treherne

    The other day on Twitter this post popped up about a fantastic photographer, Ian Treherne. Clicking the BBC link I then read the article and was bowled over by the beauty of his images. They really are fantastic and its difficult to comprehend that Ian can barely see. Having finished the BBC article I then looked him up on Twitter, followed him then scrolled through his feed. Apparently he has a great love for ballet and created this short video. Enjoy!


    Swan by Ian Treherne



    Quoted from the BBC 

    “Ian Treherne was born profoundly deaf and wears hearing aids, but only started to lose his vision as a teenager. Aged 15, Treherne realised he couldn’t see as well as his friends. An optician sent him to hospital, where a consultant broke the news he would gradually grow blind due to a rare genetic condition called Usher syndrome”


    Take a look at Ian’s incredible work and read more


    How a blind photographer sees the world

    Read the full article here
    You can also take a look at his amazing work on his website
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    Short post on Fantastic Photographer - Ian Treherne
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