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  • InDesign Training Course in Bristol

    Posted on 14th June 2019 by Greta Powell

    InDesign Training Course in Bristol

    So this week saw a trip down to the South West to deliver an InDesign Training Course in Bristol. Most people dislike the M5 but personally I like it, it always reminds me of driving down to the South West for holidays with my son. (Enough of the personal stuff). This particular course was bespoke InDesign Training for an engineering company, a regular client of Greta Powell Training who were looking for specific InDesign skills for their bid writers.


    InDesign Training Brief

    Briggs & Forrester Group are a well known engineering company whose bid writers wanted to stream line and build on their current InDesign workflow. They were working from existing templates and had a good grasp of the software but felt there was more they could do using InDesign’s automated features. 


    InDesign Bespoke Course Content

    InDesign Training in Bristol - Long Document Handling for Tenders, Bids, RepotsTender documents are usually long and can include a variety of different assets ranging from images, vector diagram’s, Excel & Word data, styles and colour’s. It is also important to retain consistency and accuracy across brand and layout which sometimes can prove difficult with data coming in from external sources such as Word. Fortunately we have MasterPages, Object Styles and Paragraph styles to help with the clunky stuff.  


    InDesign Layout

    We looked at creating a document from InDesign’s New Document box and set up its dimensions as well as bleed, slug, columns & margin areas. We then saved the layout as a Preset for future use.


    *This is the main object of long document handling, future use, the ability to reuse existing settings for any following documents. Why set something up twenty times when once will do?


    InDesign Object Styles

    InDesign Object Styles let us create numerous styles for both text and graphic frames and one of the beautiful things about them is that we can tweak strokes, fills, effects and include Paragraph styles ready to use in new documents. 


    InDesign Pages

    The initial setup of the document using MasterPages. MasterPages are there to help you create accurate and consistent placement of repeating elements such as logos, line breaks and page numbering amongst others. You are not locked into one master page as you can create multiple masters in InDesign. 


    Many users don’t realise how easy it is to set up InDesign so that they can flow information into their documents and let the software ‘take the strain’.

    InDesign Paragraph Styles

    As with all long documents paragraph styles played a huge role in this InDesign Training Course. In this particular instance we used them to create a consistent and accurate look and feel to the text throughout the document, to link through to Frames and also generate Table of Contents.


    InDesign & Microsoft Office

    Another important part of working with long documents is Microsoft Office. Many of these documents have both text and spreadsheet contributions from different writers and team members most of whom use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to produce them. This means they can be quite clunky to work with because people work differently. No problem on this Advanced InDesign Course as the training includes the best practices for working with Office data including mapping style and importing options. This was one of the areas that was of interest because of the large amounts of different Office documents worked with. We looked at importing, mapping Microsoft Word styles to InDesign styles and also working with linked data in Microsoft Excel.


    Adobe Training Courses in Bristol

    In addition to Tailored InDesign Courses in Bristol we also run Introduction to InDesign Training and Intermediate InDesign Training as well as workshops. You can view all our digital design training courses here. You can also read reviews about our training here at Greta Powell Reviews.


    What is Tailored InDesign Training
    how can it benefit me?

    With tailored InDesign Training you can create your own course using examples of files from your own 

    Tailored InDesign Training lets you create you own course content working with materials, files and exercises relevant to your work. Think how many times you’ve been on a ‘set traditional’ course and sat through irrelevant content. With tailored training you can choose content you really need to learn opposed to surplus irrelevant content.


    Tailored InDesign Training


    InDesign Bespoke Course in Bristol

    Read More


    This InDesign Training took two days to complete with three delegates attending the course. This was totally bespoke InDesign Training and and one that Greta Powell Training has run before on bid tender writing. All the Adobe Courses content onsite can be tailored to you and your company. If you would like to find out how we can help you with your tailored InDesign Training then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


    InDesign Advanced Course Content

    You can take a look at the Advanced InDesign Training Course here on Greta Powell Training. This overview is just provided as a guideline and the course content can be tailored to your specific requirements.


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    InDesign Training in Bristol






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    InDesign Training is run across Bristol and the South West. We run all digital design training courses including Adobe and Quark from Introduction through to Advanced levels but are always happy to provide bespoke training courses designed for you and your team /s.

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