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    Premiere Pro Training in
    Stoke on Trent


    Adobe Premiere Pro Training Courses Leicester

    Hosted onsite at your premises our Introduction to Premiere Pro Training is delivered across Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and the surrounding area.


    For those who prefer to learn from their computer at home or in the office it is also available virtually as an online Premiere Pro Training event held with a live trainer.


    The course is designed for 121 sessions, small company groups or larger team roll-outs with flexible dates and times including weekends and overnight.


    Is this Premiere Pro Course suitable for beginners?

    Being at intro level it is a perfect beginners Premiere Pro Course where you will learn how to create, edit and publish footage for use in broadcasting, social media and eLearning projects.


    It is ideal for anyone who wants to design and work with short business and marketing videos for promotion, social media including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook or broadcast video projects.


    Looking for different Premiere Pro Training?


    Onsite Premiere Pro Training Staffordshire

    This is available as an onsite training option and can be hosted directly on your premises or a venue of your choice across the UK.


    Onsite digital design training has a lot of advantages including price, delegate choice and pace of learning.


    Find out how our Onsite Training Courses work


    Online Premier Pro Training

    Online Creative Cloud Training Courses

    We also run online Premier Pro Courses with a live virtual trainer. You are able to chat, message and share screens with your trainer throughout the course.


    Prefer not to leave the computer screen? That’s fine, our online courses are accessible from anywhere across the globe.


    Find out more about how our online Premiere Pro Courses work


    What will I learn on this Premiere Pro Course?

    You will learn how to bring together a variety of different video and audio clips to create your own footage which can be sourced from a mobile or video camera.


    During the training you will work with your trainer to create footage from various sources, understand the difference between colour correction and colour grading, add transitions, work with Key-frames and add transitions for dramatic effect and improve audio tracks.




    You will find out how the timeline works and how to position and edit the timing of clips and understand how and when to use tools like Razor, Ripple, Roll and Speed Ramping then finally export your videos to social media, the web or other destinations.


    By the end of your training you will be able to create, edit and publish your own video to multiple destinations including broadcasts, social media and elsewhere.  The course is ideal for anyone who wants to create short marketing videos, interviews or personal projects. The video content is highly flexible and you are more than welcome to include your own footage on the course.


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    Greta Powell Training – Premiere Pro Courses held onsite in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and across the UK

    Premiere Pro Training in Stoke on Trent - Overviews

    Premiere Pro
    The Basics

    Premiere Pro Interface

    Premiere Pro Panels
    (Source, Program, Project & Sequence)

    Premiere Pro Workspaces

    Premiere Pro ‘Ribbon’

    Organising your workflow

    Starting new video projects


    Premiere Pro
    Media & Projects

    Importing Media /Media Clips

    Working with existing media

    Video resolutions / Formats

    Adding Media Clips to Timeline


    Premiere Pro

    Navigating with Clips

    In and Out Points

    New Sequences

    Editing Sequences & Clips

    Speed Ramping

    Editing Clip Speed (Slow Mo /Fast Mo)

    Video Sync Locks

    Using the Razor Tool

    Splitting Video /Audio Track

    Premiere Pro
    The Timeline

    Working with Timelines

    Adding /Removing Clips from Timeline

    Adding Video Transitions

    Adding Sound Transitions

    Filter Effects for Sound & Video Rippling

    Video & Audio Speeds


    Premiere Pro
    Colour Correction

    Changing clip colours

    Using Basic Colour Correction

    Working with Vignettes

    Colour Wheels

    Lumetri Colour

    Face Detection


    Premiere Pro
    Video Titles

    Adding Text using the Text Tools

    Text Filters

    Working with Smart Objects

    Exporting Text Transitions

    Exporting Video

    Premiere Pro

    Working with Audio files

    Enhancing Audio using Audio Workspace

    Adding Music to Videos

    Sound Filters

    Exporting Sound


    Premiere Pro

    Recording PIP

    Importing PIP

    Editing PIP

    PIP Transitions


    Premiere Pro
    Exporting Video

    Exporting Video for Social Media

    Exporting Video to Web

    Exporting Video for Projects

    Output video formats

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