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    Posted on 13th August 2017 by Greta Powell

    Photoshop & HDR Training Courses



    Photoshop Courses including HDR & the Filter Gallery are run onsite across the UK, the Midlands onsite at your offices or home. ┬áSo what is HDR? HDR stands for high dynamic range and is used to bring out the full tonal range of the image. You normally use a number of photo’s with different settings to create an HDR effect although the most common amount is 3, one of which is under exposed whilst another is set to normal exposure with the third over exposed



    ┬áThis technique is known as bracketing and can be done either in camera or Photoshop itself although the preferred method is in camera preferably shot in AV or Manual modes. Save the images to the hard drive then use Photoshop’s HDR feature in File >Automate >Merge to HDR then select the images to be included in the process.


    Quick Tip! When working with HDR in Photoshop the merge process will flatten everything into a background image so duplicating a layer as a safe work flow method won’t work – in this instance you need to copy the original image to a new document.



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