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  • Photoshop 2018 New Feature – Share

    Posted on 18th November 2017 by Greta Powell

    Photoshop 2018 – Share


    Photoshop 2018 is full of wonderful new features but on this post I thought I’d show one of the lesser known ones. Its the new Share feature, which gives you the ability to share or email photos to various services directly from within Photoshop including Facebook and Lightroom. 




    Photoshop 2018 Share Feature

    And here it is, the Share option nestling quietly away under the file menu. It’s worth bearing in mind when you send via email the image will be sent out as a .PSD (I know potential for disaster) but for Social Media it will automatically convert it to a JPEG prior to sharing out.


    What is probably more of interest for photographers is its ability to share an image with Adobe Lightroom




    Photoshop 2018 Share



    Sharing with Photoshop 2018

    To use the new Share feature in Photoshop


    • Go to File menu >Share
    • When the Share box opens select the image size
    • Photoshop automatically scales the photograph proportionally
    • Select the photographs destination – ie. Lightroom, Facebook etc


    You will then see a message confirming the ‘Share’ action is complete



    Photoshop Share to social media and lightroom




    You may have to download apps separately as I did with for the Facebook App.


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