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  • Adobe Lightroom CC

    Posted on 12th December 2017 by Greta Powell

    Adobe Lightroom CC


    With excitement waning about Lightroom CC I’ve been quietly beavering away working through the new features and updates and to be honest the one that really grabs me as special is the new colour and luminosity masking in Lightroom Classic CC. 


    What is a Range Mask?

    A Range Mask lets you create masks based on their luminosity as well as colour which is ideal for skies and foamy oceans.



    In short a Range Mask lets you apply auto masking in Lightroom by using either colour or luminance to select a specific area of a photo for local adjustments. 


    Select the adjustments panel to activate a brush. Then paint across the chosen area (in this case the yellow flower) to select


    Click O to view the masked area or make sure the ‘Show Mask Overlay’ is ticked 


    Mask & Colour Range Selector


    Select which Range Mask you want from the up/down arrows and then select the brush attributes from the Brush section of the panel 


    [ square bracket makes brush smaller ] square bracket makes brush larger


    The Colour Range Selector as shown above lets you sample colour within the mask


    Shift + Clicking adds a greater range of colours / Clicking + Dragging lets you select with greater accuracy



    Lightroom Adjustments Panel


    Full video tutorial coming shortly

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