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  • Photoshop Room Set Up

    Posted on 18th November 2017 by Greta Powell

    Photoshop Room Setup


    It’s been Photoshop, Photoshop and Photoshop training this week with one of the courses being run down in the South West. The countryside views were absolutely stunning on the drive down.


    This was the second of two training days where the course content had been specifically tailored for the companies design team and photographer. From the initial email contact through to the final training delivery day all aspects of the course were co-ordinated by the design team, HR and myself.


    I thought it might be quite useful to show a few of the room setups from some Adobe training sessions run over recent months starting with this one…………………………




    Room Set up for Photoshop 

    So, this is the first shot of one of the three Photoshop Courses run over the last week. It was an Advanced Photoshop Course with elements plucked from the Photoshop Intermediate Course and delivered to a design team and the companies product photographer.


    With onsite training all room set ups are unique and depends on the amount of delegates attending the course. It can be run from one persons desk as a 121 session to a full room set up as shown below. This tailored course was organised for four people in a room that already contained a projector which was a bonus for your’s truly however its not really necessary as I have a portable projector which can be bought in for the day.


    The laptops are pre-installed with the software so its just really a matter of ‘power up and train’. There really is nothing to it, all that’s needed from you is the room & electric sockets and to let me know at the time of booking which software version you are using.¬†



    Photoshop Training Room



    Room or rather ‘Auditorium’ Set up

    This probably has to be the largest screen and room I’ve delivered training in EVAH and over the years I’ve trained in some huge spaces. This was a Photoshop session which was part of a customised Adobe MasterClass course held in North Wales, near Flint during August 2017. It was run for a large food retailer who supplied the training room whilst I provided the laptops. The content of this completely tailored and customised MasterClass was proposed by the client, the course content then designed by me and between the studio manager and myself delivered successfully to the product design teams over the six days.


    Adobe MasterClass Training in Wales




    Don’t have a good day

    Have a great one


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