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    Adobe InDesign Training Courses,

    Our Adobe InDesign Training Courses, Staffordshire are hosted onsite at your premises across the region and are also available with a live instructor as Online InDesign Training Sessions. The Onsite InDesign Courses are ideal for 121 sessions, company courses and larger team roll outs. 


    Adobe InDesign Training Staffordshire Stoke on Trent BurtonThis is an InDesign Introduction Course which teaches you how to create, design and publish elegant and professional documents for both business and pleasure. It can be tailored to you so during your training session you can dip into other elements of the software. 


    On this course you will learn to design publications for both print and digital output using InDesign’s interactive features including adding hyperlinks, buttons and media such a short videos.


    Adobe InDesign Training 
    who is it for?

    The course is suitable for designers, administrators, marketeers, educators, in fact the Introduction to InDesign Course is perfect for anyone wanting to produce professional looking documents for both print and digital output.


    Being Intro Training the course is ideal for complete beginners or any with basic skills.


    what will I learn?

    You work with a wide range of documents and will find out how to add graphics, edit text and produce high quality professional documents. As these are private InDesign Courses you choose to create, design and publish stunning professional documents *relevant to you such as newsletters, flyers, brochures or even tenders.


    On this InDesign Training Introduction Course you learn how to construct, design and then publish documents from scratch using the software’s tools and functions. The training is delivered by onscreen demonstration combined with hands on practical exercises where you will learn to construct various spreads and layouts working with images and text.


    * We arrange a call with your trainer prior to your course so you can discuss your requirements and the type of publications you want to produce.


    Adobe InDesign Training Courses held onsite in Stafford & Staffordshire - Online also availableYou will learn how to create documents using grids and guides to create a logical skeleton for your document and then learn to build its structure by adding text and graphics. As well as placing and editing graphics you will also learn the best practices for working with text by selecting the correct typefaces and using styles for consistency throughout the layout.


    The InDesign Course rounds off by showing you how to work with accurate colour and the different options you have to get your documents out for print using Preflight /Package, Export and PDF.


    We also look at workflows and how to speed up your time working with InDesign by collaborating  with your team \s by using features such as CC Libraries, Swatches, Presets and Templates.


    InDesign Interactive PDF Training

    You will also work with some of InDesign’s PDF elements and will find out how to create and publish interactive PDF’s.


    InDesign’s Interactive Panel is also looked at during course with features such as buttons, hyperlinks and animations being covered.


    We run full InDesign Interactive Training across which is available both onsite and online.


    Find out more about PDF Interactive Training


    The full InDesign Course content is below but some of the things covered on the course include:


    • Create New Documents & Edit Existing Ones
    • Work with Type
    • Placing & Manipulating Images
    • Smart Layouts
    • Text Wrapping
    • Swatches, Colour & Pantones
    • Strokes & Fills
    • Interactive PDF’s
    • Print & PDF


    Online InDesign Training

    Onsite InDesign Training Courses Stafford & Staffordshire

    This is also available as an Online InDesign Course with live instructor led training. It can be delivered as a one to one session or to a group of people.


    Online InDesign Training has great flexibility in that it can be delivered virtually at any time of day, night, evening or weekends at times and dates to suit.


    You will have live contact with the instructor throughout your training and be able to share both your screen and see their’s in real time.


    All the courses featured on the website are available as online training.


    Find out more about Online Training


    Onsite InDesign Training
    how does it work?

    The trainer comes directly out to your premises to host the course. This can be either your home or your office and is available for individuals, small company groups and larger scale projects.


    We host InDesign Courses at your premises across Staffordshire and the surrounding areas including Stoke on Trent, Stafford, Burton on Trent and all surrounding areas. There are a number of benefits to onsite training courses but the main ones are:


    • tailored content
    • realistic and reduced costs 
    • no traveling involved for you or your team saving travel & expenses
    • The approach is focused specifically on you and your specific needs 
    • if required laptops can be rented and setup for the training with the software version of your choice
    • mutually agreed dates and times


    Nothing is set in stone. You are quite welcome to add and remove content as it suits you to create a fully tailored InDesign course. You can also combine your InDesign Course with our other Adobe Training Courses in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire. 


    Many people choose to develop a hybrid course such as InDesign and Photoshop Training.


    Find out more about Photoshop Training in Stoke on Trent.


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    Adobe InDesign Training Courses Staffordshire

    Onsite InDesign Training Courses held in Stafford, Staffordshire and all surrounding regions including Stoke on Trent, Burton upon Trent, Tamworth, Leek, Keele, Wolverhampton


    Please get in touch to discuss availability in your area. Our onsite InDesign Courses are also available UK wide including all major cities and their surrounding areas.


    InDesign is available to purchase from Adobe. You can find out more about their products here on the Adobe website.




    Adobe InDesign Training Courses Staffordshire - Overviews

    Getting Started

    • Creating & Saving Documents
    • Editing Existing Documents
    • Document Setup /Bleed /Slug /Columns
    • InDesign Tools & Panels


    Type Frames & Handling

    • Placing Text
    • Styling Text
    • Text Flow
    • (Placed & Threaded Text)


    Objects & Layout

    • Object Shapes
    • Align & Distribute
    • Pathfinder
    • Transformations
    • Rotation


    InDesign Layout

    • Working with Guides & Grids
    • Baseline Grids (Text Layout)
    • Smart Guides
    • Rulers (Zero Point)

    Working with Images

    • Placing Images
    • Editing Images
    • Fitting Images
    • Image Frame Manipulation


    Images & Text

    • Text & Graphics
    • Text Wrapping
    • Text Wrap Options
    • Clipping Paths
    • Positioning Images in Text


    Colour in InDesign

    • Colour Modes /RGB /CMYK & Pantones
    • Spot & Process Colours
    • Creating & Editing Colours
    • Accurate Colour for Print


    InDesign Stroke Panel

    • Adding Strokes
    • Stroke Weights
    • Adding Arrows
    • Stroke Path Options



    InDesign Interactive Panel

    • Working with the Interactive Panel
    • Adding Transitions
    • Adding Hyperlinks
    • Creating Buttons
    • Creating Navigation in PDF
    • Output to Interactive PDF
    • Publish Online


    InDesign & Static PDF’s

    • Creating PDF’s
    • Adobe PDF Presets
    • Printing to PDF


    InDesign CC Libraries

    • Creating a Library
    • Sharing a Library
    • Adding Assets to Libraries
    • Extracting from Images
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