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  • Adobe Captivate Training

    Adobe Captivate Training 


    This Adobe Captivate eLearning Training Course shows how to create, design then publish as either static or responsive projects. Quite flexible this Captivate eLearning Course is held onsite at your location including London, Worcester, Cheltenham, Reading, Stroud, Windsor and across the whole of the UK. It is ideal for 121 sessions or closed company groups.


    As with all these Adobe Courses the Captivate training is constantly being updated and on this course you will cover the new elements contained in Captivate 2017 ensuring you get a clear and concise grip on the tools and features contained in the software.  


    • Create and edit software simulations
    • Create and include an FMR recording in a project
    • Include Rich Media Elements
    • Create Quizzes, Add Questions and work with Question Pools
    • Work with Responsive Design
    • Captivate 2017 Fluid Boxes


    Adobe Captivate Training Course Info

    The onsite Captivate Training is ideal for individuals or closed company courses and any content can be tweaked according to your individual requirements.  On a one to one basis is takes one day but for company courses it is a two day course.


    I am happy to run Captivate Training in all versions of the software including Captivate 9, Captivate 8, Captivate 7, Captive 6 and Captivate 5.


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6?  If so, then I can supply up to 6 laptops and projector hire and take care of all aspects of your Photoshop training course – again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


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    Captivate 2017 Course Content

    Practical Captivate 

    • A Captivate project
    • Workflows in Captivate
    • Understanding the CBT principles
    • Demonstration of Captivate
    • Planning a Captivate Project
    • Responsive Conversion

    Recording Captivate Projects

    • Recording Window
    • Demonstration Mode
    • Resolution & Recording Sizing
    • Recording simulations
    • Exploring recording simulations mode
    • Customising recording options

    Captivate Responsive Design

    • Setup and working with 3 screens
      Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Phone
    • Workng with Breakpoints
    • Pixel v Percentage /Auto H&W off Auto
      *Captivate 9 only 
     Fluid Boxes
    • Creating Fluid Boxes
    • H&V setup (horizontal & vertical)
    • Slides / Fluid Box Themes
    • Fluid box Properties
    • Expand Text


    Captivate Timeline

    • The Timeline
    • Timeline and Layers
    • Adjusting Slide & Object Times
    • Applying Transitions

    Editing the Captivate Project

    • Captivate Workspace
    • Captivate Panels
    • Inserting/adding/manipulating slides
    • Filmstrip
    • Text captions
    • Mouse / Pointer paths / Mouse properties


    • Frame Rates
    • Change a Project’s Frame Rate
    • Add Animation to a Slide
    • Change an Animation’s Slide Position
    • Insert Text Animation
    • Edit Text Animation

    Captivate Rollovers

    • Rollovers
    • Inserting a Rollover Caption
    • Inserting a Rollover Slidelet
    • Inserting a Rollover Image
    • Inserting a Zoom area
    • rollover Properties

    Skins and Templates

    • Apply a BMP Playbar to a Project
    • Apply a Skin to a Project
    • Edit and Save a Skin
    • Loading Screens
    • Add a Loading Screen
    • Templates
    • Create a Project Template /Theme

    Adding quiz slides

    • Inserting quiz slides
    • Editing quiz slides
    • Multiple choice slides
    • False / True slides
    • Editing question slides
    • Reporting options
    • Track quiz scores

    Image and Sound

    • Movie properties
    • Bandwidth analysis
    • Resizing
    • Inserting Event Video
    • Inserting Multislide Video
    • Adding to Stage and TOC
    • Video Properties


    • Publish to Youtube
    • Publish to .FLV
    • Publish to HTML5
    • Publish Options LMS
    • External Media
    • The first person/individual: £300.00 all inclusive per day
    • Second/subsequent delegates: £75.00 each all inclusive per day
    • *Laptop Hire: £25.00 per day
      *T&C’s apply
    • Projector Hire: £35.00 per day


    Depending on location travel expenses may be incurred but depending on location for 121 sessions travel expenses usually apply


    This Adobe Captivate 2017 Training Course is held onsite UK Wide including London, Reading, Worcester, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and all surrounding areas


    I travel extensively across the UK so please contact me regarding location and date availability in your area

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