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    Adobe InDesign Training


    InDesign Training MidlandsOur Adobe InDesign Training Midlands based courses are delivered both onsite and virtually across the region and UK wide including all major cities and their surrounding areas.


    This is an Introduction to InDesign Training Course where you learn how to create & design a wide range of spreads for print or digital output.


    Our Onsite InDesign Training is hosted on your premises or if you prefer can be delivered as an Online InDesign Training session with a live instructor. 


    This InDesign Course is perfect for those new to the software or anyone seeking to update a basic skill-set and ideal for 121 sessions, company groups or larger team rollouts.


    Online Adobe InDesign Training Course

    Adobe InDesign Training Course for BeginnersIn addition to our onsite training we deliver many of our Adobe Training Courses virtually via video link with a live instructor.


    Because this is live online InDesign Training dates and times are ultra flexible.


    We regularly deliver this on a 24 /7 basis —- overnight or over the weekend to suit your convenience.


    Bite sized InDesign training chunks are also available if you just need to cover smaller specific areas.


    All the Online Adobe Courses are delivered with a live instructor via video conferencing software such as Zoom, Teams or WebEx as one to one sessions or to groups of people.


    You have live contact with your instructor throughout the training course and can both view their screen and share your own in real time. All the courses featured on the website are available as online training.


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    InDesign Training, what will you learn?

    Onsite InDesign Training Courses Midlands & UK wide. Online InDesign TrainingOn this Introduction to InDesign Training you will learn the skills needed to edit and update existing InDesign files and create new documents from scratch. 


    The course will show you how to create documents from scratch, position and work with those elements to produce a range of documents such as flyers, newsletters, brochures, handouts, tenders and so forth. As we progress through the training we look at the how to publish perfect documents for print and cover colour management, package options and PDF export.


    The course also introduces you to the elements of good design and you will learn to work accurately with brand guidelines using text styles, accurate colour matching and importing artwork.


    The course will show you how to correctly set up a document using grids, guides and printers marks for print or digital output then add text and graphics to create eye catching professional documents. As the course progresses you will work with various types of text wrap learning to use offsets and wrap options. One of the features covered on the course is CC libraries which will show how to gather your assets and share them across a team to improve accuracy, consistency and speed up workflow across your document /s.


    This InDesign Training looks at some of the practical issues involved in the production process and covers features such as the Links panel and Objects Panels.


    Full InDesign course outline is available at the bottom of the page.


    • Create New Documents & Edit Existing Ones
    • Work with Type & Text Flow (placed & threaded)
    • Placing & Manipulating Images
    • Smart Layouts
    • Master Pages
    • Text Wrapping
    • Colour
    • Find & Replace Text /Colour /Object
    • Strokes & Fills
    • Packaging InDesign Files
    • Exporting to PDF


    InDesign Introduction Training, who is it for?

    Onsite Adobe Training Courses MidlandsThese days InDesign is used pretty much across ever sector of business for a wide range of purposes including print and digital design


    Some of the companies we’ve trained recently include construction, education, marketing, designers, content creators, administrators and many more.


    This InDesign Course for beginners is suitable for anyone with little to no experience looking to gain layout and design skills for social media or print output.


    It is also of particular interest to small /medium sized businesses looking to bring more of their design work in-house and is often tailored to give staff the skills to make Quick Edits, Replacing Images, Deleting Objects, Changing Dates etc.


    The course can be tailored to your individual or company specifications.


    Onsite InDesign Training Courses, how do you benefit?

    You benefit from Onsite Training because:


    • Individual contact – the InDesign Course is about you and your company
    • No travelling is involved for you or your team saving travel, hotel and any additional expenses
    • Onsite InDesign Training is usually cheaper than the more traditional in-centre course.
    • Prior to the InDesign Course we organise an online meeting to discuss content and logistics
    • If required this InDesign Course can be tailored to suit you and your team
    • Flexible dates & times to suit you
    • Full after course support for as long as you need it


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    Adobe InDesign Introduction Training - Overviews

    Getting Started

    Editing existing documents

    Creating and saving a new document

    New document setup

    Tools / panels

    Properties Panel

    Document navigation


    InDesign Layout

    Baseline Grid

    Align to Baseline Grid

    Baseline Grid Properties


    InDesign Objects

    Working with Objects

    Objects & Effects

    Corner Options

    Object Styles


    Text Manipulation

    Text Frames

    Placing text

    Linking /Threading Text

    Character styles / Paragraph styles

    Typography and Layouts


    InDesign Find /Change

    Find & Change Text

    Find & Change Specials

    Find & Change Colour

    Find & Change Objects


    InDesign Style Packs

    Preset Style Packs

    Working with Style Packs

    Creating Style Packs

    Paragraph Styles & Packs

    Auto Styling


    InDesign & Artwork

    Placing Images

    Editing Images

    Image Formats

    Graphic Frames

    Linked Graphics

    Links Panel


    InDesign Text Wrap

    Text and Graphics

    Text Wrap

    Text Wrap Options

    Placing Images


    Text Basics

    Text Frames

    Formatting Text Frames

    Text Frame Properties

    Text Frame – multi column setup


    InDesign Stroke Panel

    Stroke Weight

    Stroke Options

    Stroke Arrows

    InDesign & Layout



    Rulers (zero point)

    Smart Guides


    Working with Colour

    Colour models, RGB, CMYK & Pantones

    Create New & Edit existing colour

    Accurate colour for print


    Colour Panels

    Colour models, RGB, CMYK & Pantones

    Create New colour

    Edit existing colour

    Accurate colour for print


    InDesign PDF Interactive

    Multi purpose InDesign documents

    Add Bookmarks

    Add Hyperlinks

    Export as Interactive /Static PDF

    Publish Online

    Publish Online Dashboard


    InDesign Package & Publish

    Export InDesign documents to various formats

    Preflight Errors & Preflight Panel

    Package InDesign Documents

    Understand the Preflight flow

    Correct InDesign Errors


    Where do you run onsite InDesign Training Courses?

    Our courses are available across the Midlands and UK wide. We travel to locations as far apart as Oxford, Sheffield, Liverpool, Hereford, Worcester, Skegness and Newquay.


    Please get in touch to discuss availability in your area.


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