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  • Lightroom Training Course - Midlands

    Lightroom Training Course

    Adobe Lightroom Training Course - Greta Powell Training onsite & onlineOur Lightroom Training Course Midlands based is run onsite UK wide at times and dates to suit you.


    Alternatively the course can also be run virtually as a live online Lightroom Training session held with a live instructor in real time.


    Although this course focuses on the enhancement of digital photography it also takes an in-depth look at the organisation of your photo files. Because of the sheer amount of photo’s that accumulate we take a look at working with both catalog’s and collections plus best practice when using them.


    Our onsite Lightroom Training Courses are perfect for 121 sessions, company groups and larger training projects and are available at your premises UK wide.  Because these are private Lightroom Courses we always arrange a meeting pro


    Lightroom Training
    what will you learn?

    Over the duration of the Lightroom Course you will look at each individual module of the software including Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print, Book and Web to get a firm understanding of the software.


    • Library – learn to view, filter, organise, rate and compare the photo’s contained in collections.
    • Develop – use Develops tools and features to edit and enhance your photography including Colour, Tone, Highlight /Shadow, Clarity /Vibrance /Saturation Control, Hue Saturation and Light, Image Exposure & Contrast, Clone Tools
    • Slideshow, Print, Book & Web – these work at getting images out from Lightroom for output to screen and /or print


    Onsite Lightroom Training Course

    Onsite Adobe Lightroom Training Courses Midlands.

    We run onsite Lightroom Training both in the Midlands and UK wide. Your course is hosted onsite at your premises by your instructor at times and dates to suit you. 

    What are the benefits of onsite training?

    Onsite training courses are extremely flexible and for the most part can be tailored to suit you. 


    They can be organised as one to one sessions, larger team roll-outs or company groups /workshop. One of the greatest pluses of onsite is that their exclusivity, they are private, delivered only to your staff which means they can be tailored for you. There are no external attendees on these courses.


    There is no travelling /overnight hotels or expenses involved which of course also helps slightly towards helping climate change and of course saves you money.


    Prior to the course you will chat with your trainer about the aims, preferences and delegate ability so there is a guided structure in place. 


    We also offer flexible times and dates to suit you and your staff.


    Online Lightroom Training Course

    Adobe Lightroom Training Course onsite in the Midlands

    Our Online Lightroom Training Courses are flexible and if you prefer can be customised to individual and group training.


    Our live online Lightroom Courses are delivered in video conferencing of your choice including Zoom, Teams and WebEX.


    They are delivered via live instructor in a virtual environment where you can share screens and interact with one another. Apart from a lack of digestive biscuits (unless you have your own) the online works in a very similar way to a more traditional training environment. 


    Find out more about the Online Lightroom Training


    How long does the course take?

    Depending on the agreed Lightroom Course content it takes between one and two days depending on the amount of people sitting on the training. For one person a day usually suffices but for small groups of between 4 and 6 people two days is more realistic. Lightroom training tends to be popular with individuals and we’re happy to run this as a 121 session or small group basis on either Saturdays or Sundays. Please get in touch to discuss the available options.


    Lightroom Training 
    what you said.

    Adobe Lightroom Workshop.

    Very good course.  I learnt all I needed and am confident using Lightroom now.

    Photography Lecturer (Course Leader)


    Extremely useful and a great learning opportunity one where I learnt a huge amount of new tools and skills.

    Photography Lecturer


    An entertaining and very informative day that has given insight into how Lightroom can be used.  Further practice will be needed but I now know the capability, flexibility and how effective Lightroom can be.  A very useful workshop.

    Photography Lecturer and HNC Course Organiser

    Photography & Graphics Dept, City College Coventry


    Thank you so much for visiting

    Don’t have a good day – have a great one


    Lightroom Training Course Midlands






    Lightroom Training Course Midlands
    alternative locations

    This Lightroom Training Courses Midlands are also held UK Wide, Midlands includes Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry, Birmingham, Worcester,  Derby, Lincoln, Peterborough, Northampton, Oxford, Buckingham, Sheffield, Chester, Leicestershire, Hinckley, Loughborough, Lutterworth, Market Harborough, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Scunthorpe 


    We travel extensively across the UK so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out about availability in your area.

    Lightroom Training Course - Midlands - Overviews

    Workspace Mode

    Using the Workspace Layout

    Left and Right Panels

    Screen Mode & Toggle Keys

    Toolbars & Toolbar Icons

    Display Area


    Importing & Sorting Files

    File Formats

    Preferences /Importing Preferences

    Importing Photo’s from Cards /Devices

    File /Folder Organisation

    Exporting to Photoshop

    Exporting Photos


    Photographic Slideshow

    Slideshow Tab

    Slideshow Setup

    Slideshow Templates and Customisation

    Working with Playback and Playback Settings

    Develop Tab

    Working and Understanding the Presets

    Cropping, Flipping and Rotating Photos

    Working with Changes

    White Balance and Tone Control

    Correcting Colour

    Working with an External Image Editor

    HDR / Tone Mapping and De-ghosting

    Exposure Bracketing


    Organising Files

    Library and Navigation

    Importing Photos and Files

    Organising Catalogues and Folders

    Library Filters

    Switch Views and Flag Photoshops

    Working with Filmstrip

    Book Tab

    Create Book Layout

    Set Book Size

    Auto Layout and Page Numbers

    Guides and Bleed

    Type and Background

    Send to Blurb, JPEG or PDF


    Web Tab

    Create a Web Gallery

    Create a Collection

    Export the Gallery to the Web

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