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    Posted on 6th January 2018 by Greta Powell

    Creating Photo Grids in InDesign – Tip 2

    Continuing with the InDesign Tips by showing how to create a Photo Grid in InDesign.


    You want to bring in more than one image into InDesign?

    That’s easy, go to File >Place hold down control /command and mouse click on the selected images then go to the Open button


    The cursor will now be loaded with the images and you can place and position them in the same way as a solo image



    Photo Grid Shortcut

    Once the images are loaded in the cursor (as above) hold down control /command + shift and drag out a grid


    Frame Fitting Options

    You can set Frame Fit options which save time and energy fitting the images to their frames. It means the frames will come in as set and there will be no need for you to adjust them at a later point.


    Firstly you need to go to the Object Menu >Fitting >Frame Fitting Options & Fill Frame Proportionally or whatever options you prefer for the grid


    If you tick the Auto-Fit box (top left) the images will fill to frame whilst resizing.



    InDesign Frame Fitting Options for Photo Grid





    Grid Spacing

    Next step is to set up the amount of spacing that you want between the grid images which is very difficult to do later on.


    Go to Layout >Margins & Columns

    Under the Columns section set the amount of Gutter Spacing required


    Quick Tip – you can also do this when first creating a document



    Image Placement


    Go to File >Place – (in the example below I’ve set six images) select your images then click Open


    Once back in the document Click & Drag the first Frame but continue to hold down the Mouse


    Click on your Right Arrow to add columns


    Click on the UP Arrow to  add rows


    To adjust the spacing between the Frames hold down the mouse button and Control /Command whilst clicking the Arrow Keys


    Finally drag out the bottom right corner to adjust the grid sizing then release the mouse and the images will spring into the Frame








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