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  • Adobe InDesign Training – Using Grids

    Posted on 2nd February 2018 by Greta Powell

    Adobe InDesign Training -Using Grid Layouts

    Why use a grid layout in InDesign? Although many designers like to ‘break the grid’ and work without the best designers will have already put in many, many hours already working within grid rules before opting out. Grids provide the solid structure, the flow of the document layout, they are the skeleton that the flesh of position and balanced are based on. They naturally guide the eye across the spread, draw its attention to a specific piece of content.


    Grid layouts determine the proportion and position of your design elements which is often defined by images used in your layout.


    Grids & The Golden Ratio (The Golden Mean)

    Together these draw a complimentary set of proportions which is broken into a composition known as ‘rule of thirds’. Used together they draw out a layout that is not only cosmetically pleasing but also defines structure.



    The History of Grids in Design

    Grids have been around in design for much much longer than Adobe has. Traces of grid design have, surprise, surprise been associated with the ancient Greeks although some argue longer than that. Especially in regard to the golden section which ;has its origins in the golden ratio. Its been used in art and design for over 2000 years to perform geometric wizardry.


    Images below created on a recent InDesign Intro Course

    The following images were created by one delegate in the afternoon after a mornings InDesign Introduction Course. We looked at basic grid layout, using colour and also typography whilst learning the software. These are typical of the type of work we will do together during the course and of what is possible to achieve.




    InDesign Training example of grids and guides







    In the time we have on an InDesign Training Course we will look at grid design and grid basics such a the examples shown above


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