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  • Affinity Photo Training

    Posted on 18th July 2018 by Greta Powell

    Affinity Photo Training

    Affinity Photo is Affinity’s answer to Adobe Photoshop and a pretty powerful alternative to be honest. It can be used for many of the same things as Photoshop, retouching, restoring & manipulating photographs for both print and web.


    Affinity Photo Benefits

    It has to be said Affinity Photo is excellent, especially for photographers by providing similar tools photo editing tools to Photoshop. It also has full support for RAW inside its Develop Persona (different workspaces in Affinity Photo are called Persona’s). 


    There is full range of photographic tools including focus stacking, panoramas and HDR found in the tone mapping persona.


    Affinity Photo Training - File Menu - Online & Onsite Affinity Training



    The Develop Persona


    Affinity Photo Develop Persona

    The Main Attraction

    One of its biggest draw’s though has to be Affinity’s payment method. Unlike Adobe’s subscription model for Photoshop Affinity Photo can be purchased outright at a really reasonable price. Which makes it very attractive to small business users, photographers and freelance creatives. Once paid for the software belongs to you —— forever!


    Affinity Photo V Adobe Photoshop

    It does give Photoshop a very good run for its money and if you’re interested in reading a little more about this the creativebloq website has an excellent article on this very thing


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    Affinity Suite

    Affinity Photo is part of a suite of software which includes Publisher and Designer and like Adobe CC all three products work well together. Designer is Affinity’s answer to Illustrator and Publisher to InDesign. 


    Serif Affinity Photo Training

    We run Affinity Photo Courses where you will learn to enhance photography, manipulate images and then export them out as high quality images for digital devices or print. This is an onsite Photo Editing Course that can be tailored to suit your requirements and run at dates and times to suit you.


    Serif Affinity Photo
    What will you learn?


    On this Affinity Photo Course you will work within the Affinity Persona modes

    Photo, Liquify, Develop, Tone Mapping & Export

    Work with the Affinity Tools, Panels, Window Menu & Context Toolbar

    Selection Tools, Marquee, Freehand Selection

    > Refine, Feather & Anti-Alias

    Work with Retouching Tools including Inpainting Brush, Liquify & Frequency Separation Tools

    Masks & Mask Layers

    Retouch /Repair Images

    Clipping Masks


    View the Course Overview


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