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  • InDesign Colour Theme Tool

    Posted on 23rd June 2018 by Greta Powell

    InDesign Colour Theme Tool 

    Welcome to the Two Minute Tut’s series on the InDesign Colour Theme Tool.


    In these mini tuts you can learn one Adobe technique, tool or feature. They are recorded to run for no more than two minutes (well, sometimes they run over) and introduce one of Adobe’s nifty little tools. And today that just happens to be the turn of the slinky little Colour Theme Tool in Adobe InDesign



    So what is the Colour Theme Tool?

    Just imagine being able to pull co-ordinating colour from an image and match it to layouts in InDesign, well with Colour Themes you can just that. It lets you create beautiful panels of colour than match your design perfectly. All you need to do is to click either on a photo or drag across an area of photo to sample colour directly from the image. These colours can then be added to either the Swatches panel (group Swatch) or one of your CC Libraries.


    Fancy some shortcuts?

    So before popping over to the video tutorial linked below – here are the Colour Theme’s short-cut keys for anyone into them.

    • Click the image: To use colors from the entire image. You will see a theme based on the image colours appear in a floating panel.
    • Click & Drag: Restricts colors to a specific area of an image
      Make sure to click on the Color Theme tool to reset. 
    • Shift & Click: This lets you focus on a specific colour
    • Alt: Clears your dropper


    We’ll crack on. – Click here to view the full tutorial


    Photo Credit for this beautiful photograph belongs to Matheus Bertelli / Pexels Website


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    InDesign Colour Theme Tool on the Introduction to InDesign Training Course



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