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    Posted on 19th August 2018 by Greta Powell

    Photoshop Creation

    I love running graphic design training courses especially when you see what people create in the space of one day. I love this image that was converted to Black and White on a recent Photoshop Course by one of the delegates. Who, incidentally had never used the software before.


    See the before and after shots.


    Original Image before Photoshop Edits

    This image was shot on a Samsung 8 phone some time ago and which somehow became incorporated into a recent Photoshop Course


    Photo editing in Photoshop


















    Image to Black and White

    After a little playing this was the final result. On the Photoshop Training we use Adjustment Layers to preserve the image and be able to easily return to an earlier point without destroying any other work. It is more commonly known as a none-destructive workflow. The delegate then went on to change the image to black and white and emphasise certain parts of the image such as the brows and lips


    Image edited in Photoshop and changed to Black and White by one of the delegates on the Photoshop Introduction Course

















    Although the Photoshop Introduction Course is quite flexible some of the things you would expect to cover, or would on one of my courses:


    • The Photoshop Tools, Panels & Interface
    • Working None Destructively in Photoshop
    • Make precise selections, add to and remove from selections
    • SmartObjects & SmartFilters
    • Use various selection techniques including the 3 Lasso tools, Pen and Masks
    • Select & Mask
    • Retouch & Repair photographs
    • Learn to prepare images for both print and web output


    You can view a full course overview at Training2018


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