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  • Online Photoshop for Beginners Course

    Online Photoshop for Beginners Course


    Online Photoshop for Beginners CourseOn this Online Photoshop for Beginners Course you will learn image creation and manipulation from scratch via live video link in Zoom, Teams, Google etc. This is a two day Photoshop Training session led by a live online trainer.


    The training will teach you how to create, edit and design imagery for both print and social media improving your image editing skills and inflating your future career path. 


    Who is this Photoshop for Beginners Course for?


    This is ideal if you are totally new to the software or already have limited knowledge acquired elsewhere but you should be familiar with using a computer and the internet.


    What will I learn on this Photoshop Course?


    You will learn how to select images to correct, enhance and retouch them using various techniques. The Photoshop Course follows Adobe’s good practice of working in a non-destructive workflow so you’ll find out how use Adjustment Layers, SmartObjects amongst other things.


    Do you cover Photoshop AI Tools?


    It goes without saying that yes we do. You will learn about generative fills, generative prompts, neural filters and other exciting tools contained in the software.


    How does the Online Photoshop for Beginners Training work?


    Enhancing Colour in PhotoshopThe Online Photoshop for Beginners Training session is hosted with a virtual live instructor.


    You will have continuous live contact with your instructor throughout the whole of your course both via video, chat and sharing screens in real time.


    All our digital design courses are available online. 


    If you have any questions about any of our Online Adobe Training Courses please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email. 


    Are the Adobe Training Courses available over the weekend?


    Yes they are, we offer them on a 24 /7 basis including weekends and also deliver them in short 1/2 day blocks.


    Please get in touch to discuss scheduling your course with us.

    Adobe Training including Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat hosted onsite and onlineFirstly you will learn the basics of how Photoshop works. You will learn how to work with layers and in a non-destructive workflow then move on to improve your existing photographs by retouching and enhancing them using tools such as Levels, Hue & Saturation, Black and White Adjustment layers.


    If you can’t select accurately then it’s difficult to move forward in Photoshop so we spend time looking at various selection tools some of which are AI based and extremely effective.


    Once you are confident with enhancing and editing photographs we cover both print and digital output and you learn about file formats, exporting to web and designing banners, collages etc for digital and social media.


    We are happy to tailor any of the content to your specifics and always organise a meeting prior to the training to sort through the content and structure for the day. 

    This is a two day course with flexible dates and times


    We are happy to customise the training and add remove content where necessary and include your own files on the course.


    Prior to the training we usually organise an online meeting to discuss both the course content and the logistics of the course.

    Cheers Greta, as always clearly explained, professionally delivered and all queries answered, especially the cross-over ones from Photoshop to Affinity.

    Tom J, Photographer

    5 ***** Review

    The course was amazing thank you. I really don’t know how you know all that stuff and keep up to date with everything. You are the Master Wizard! I’m hoping to get some more training next year so I’ll defo be in touch.

    Eve, SimplyBiz

    5 ***** Review

    Thankyou so much, I have had such wonderful staff feedback and they found you very friendly and really easy to work with! I have spoken to the team, and I will contact you after the summer to hopefully get you back and do some smaller more bespoke training with the separate specialisms. Thankyou for being so accommodating Kind regards and have a wonderful summer!

    Nicola Holloway, Curriculum Manager for Creative and Performing Arts, Coventry College

    5 ***** Review

    Greta came to deliver training to 5 staff at Walsall college. Greta was an amazing instructor who’s session was fast paced but she also spared the time to see individuals who were struggling with anything. I personally have always had a barrier when using computers but after just the first day I couldn’t wait to get back on it. I would strongly recommend using this company as greta obviously new what she was doing and we covered alot in only 3 days. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

    Wayne Aveline, Lecturer in Art & Design, Walsall College

    5 ***** Review


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    Online Photoshop for Beginners Course - Overviews

    Photoshop Basics

    Create New / Open Existing Images

    Design for Print, Web or Mobile

    Work with Photoshop Presets


    Photoshop & Selections

    Lasso Tools

    Quick Select /Colour Wand

    Select & Mask

    Select Subject

    Selection Properties


    Photoshop Interface

    Photoshop Workspace

    Navigating Photoshop

    Photoshop Toolbox

    Photoshop Panels

    Photoshop Properties Panel

    Window Menu


    Photoshop Practicals

    Transform /Free Transform Tools

    Rotation, Warp, Distort, Perspective

    Content Aware Scale

    Edit Menu >Fill & Stroke


    Image Size & Resolution

    Image Size /Resolution

    Dimensions /Fit To

    Resample Options

    Photoshop & AI

    Generative Fills /Prompts

    Neural Filters

    Remove Tool

    Sky Replacement


    Photoshop Crop Tool

    Crop Tool

    Delete Cropped Pixels /Content-Aware

    Crop Preset /Ratio


    Photoshop & Colour

    Colour Modes RGB /CMYK


    Accurate Colour Sampling


    Photoshop Type

    Working with Type

    Editing Type

    Character & Paragraph Type

    Type Warp


    Photoshop Layers

    Create, Edit, Delete Layers

    Merge /Link /Duplicate Layers


    Photoshop Adjustment Layers

    Adobe Smart Workflow

    Working with Adjustment Layers

    Editing Adjustment Layers

    Colour & Tonal Adjustment Layers

    Photoshop Image Menu

    Colour Adjustments /Levels /Curves /Colour Balance

    Brightness & Contrast

    Converting to Black & White

    Image Menu v Adjustment Layers


    Photoshop Smart Objects – Working None-Destructively

    Smart Objects

    None Destructive Transformations

    Smart Filters


    Photoshop Retouching Tools

    Clone Stamp

    Working with Content Aware

    Healing Brush & Spot Healing Brush


    Photoshop Export

    File Formats

    Print Output

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