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  • InDesign Tutorial – Text Frame Columns

    Posted on 21st May 2018 by Greta Powell

    InDesign Tutorial – Text Frame Columns

    There are a number of ways to create columns in InDesign but in this InDesign tutorial it’s the Text Frame Object that will be covered. In this one box you have the ability to set the amount of columns, balance them evenly and to adjust the width between them.

    There is a video at the end of the tutorial for those who prefer a more visual approach otherwise…………………..


    InDesign Tutorial – How to create columns?

    Click on the text box you want to apply the columns too

    Go to the Object Menu >Text Frame Options


    Text Frame Options Box Opens


















    Example with No Columns



















    Make sure that the General Tab is selected

    We are going to focus on the Columns section at the top of the Text Frame Options Box











    Number refers to the amount of columns

    Gutter refers to the width between the columns

    Balance Columns – tick this to make all column lengths equal


    Adjust Column Values

    Adjust the values in the boxes by either clicking the spinners or typing in the amount 











    Example of 2 Columns applied



















    It really is as straightforward as that.


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