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  • InDesign Interactive Documents

    Posted on 15th October 2019 by Greta Powell

    InDesign Interactive Documents

    These Adobe InDesign Training Courses are designed to give you the skills needed to do exactly what you need to do effectively and quickly. Because these are delivered in-house as onsite Adobe Courses the choice is huge and totally down to you and what you need to do.  Most people are aware that you can create and design spreads and layouts in InDesign but what else can you do with the software.


    Once the spread has been created for print or elsewhere you can then add elements from the InDesign Interactive Panel to create eBooks, presentations, slideshows and other online media. You can also use InDesign’s Interactive Panel to design and publish online forms to collect data and other information from perspective clients.

    What are InDesign Interactive Documents?

    Interactive PDFs are the next step from static PDF’s (Portable Document Format). They allow you to build digital documents with clickable links, branded buttons, signature signing and forms, all of which are easy to learn how to do in InDesign. All these elements combine to let you bring a document to life in a way that is impossible with static print PDF’s. You can also include rich media such as video and audio files into the document to really bring it to life.


    Adobe Publish Online

    Interactive content can then be uploaded to Adobe Publish Online and shared across social media, on websites or via email links. The document can be inserted into blogs and web pages and then viewed on multiple digital devices such as desktops, mobiles and tablets whilst retaining all the interactive elements such as animation, audio and video.video, audio, and animation.


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    InDesign PDF’s 

    For a long time now PDF’s have been popular with the Microsoft Suite as they have been ideal for creating printed and online business literature. When designed as PDF’s InDesign’s interactive panel provides a host of tools that create dynamic looking brochures, ebooks and presentations. 


    Take a look at this sample interactive document


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    Adobe InDesign Course Content

    The InDesign Interactive Course can be approached in two ways depending on your current skills in the software. If you are already proficient with InDesign then you can dive straight in and work just on the Interactive side of things otherwise you learn the basic features of InDesign combined with the interactive panel.

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    We can design your PDF Interactive Content

    If you would prefer we can take your static InDesign documents and following your brief convert them to dynamic interactive PDF’s for you. Please get in touch to find out how we can help with this and your other design needs. Prices for InDesign Interactive document conversion start from £150.00. 

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