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    Posted on 16th September 2019 by Greta Powell

    Bespoke Digital Design Training Courses

    Many of our Adobe Training Courses are run as Bespoke Digital Design Training Courses where content is mixed and matched from existing course overviews or specific criteria is given by the client themselves. This criteria tends to be as broad as it is long but it is always firmly centred around the client requirement. These design training courses have been organised for virtually every area in both public and private sector from designers, content creators, tender writers, the print industry, publishing, finance, construction and through to education, HR & Administration.


    If you are looking for a tailored Adobe training onsite at your premises either in the Midlands or UK wide why not get in touch to for an informal chat about your training goals.


    We could go on and on but we thought it would be better to show you a few or our recent Adobe Training Courses. Just to give you an idea of what Greta Powell Training does.


    And a quick update is:


    Adobe Effects Training Course

    It was good to be running an Adobe After Effects Training Course again and we thought it might be nice to update this particular post with some animation training news. We are running this course both as Introduction to After Effects and also as custom workshops of which the latter was actually one of the most recent courses.


    This After Effects Course was for a company based in the Cotswolds, Cirencester to be precise, who specialise in medical replacements for joints such as hips, elbows etc. Their marketing team already had some experience in Effects but wanted to expand on their current skills. Effectively they were looking to create splash screen animations and short social media reels of around 30 seconds to a minute long.


    We covered things such as Keyframes in great depth combining them with the graph editor for great control and to smooth the effects.


    As a matter of interest what is a Keyframe in After Effects?

    We work with keyframes a lot on the After Effects course and this one was no exception. In their most basic function Keyframes let you define a start and end point for many effects including transitions, motions and masks to name a few.  Once the asset (image, video, audio) has been added to the timeline you then click the stop watch next to the action you want to start and the keyframe is activated. You then move along the timeline to the position where you want the action to stop and set a second keyframe.


    An example of these might be speeding up or slowing down a section of frames and then returning to normal. You can see where the keyframe is set in the example shown below.


    Adobe After Effects Training Keyframes

    Did you know there are four types of Frames in After Effects?


    Linear Keyframes

    Continuous Bezier

    Bezier Keyframes

    Hold Keyframes


    Find out more about keyframes


    We actually did quite a lot of work on this course with keyframes in particular when working with time remapping.


    Find out about Time Remapping


    After Effects Layers

    On this course we worked with a number of different layers. After Effects actually has ten of them and during the day worked with Solid Layers, Text Layers, Shape Layers, Content Aware Layers to achieve some quite stunning video.


    If you are interested in doing an After Effects training course with us please get in touch to discuss the options.


    Adobe InDesign & Microsoft Office Training

    This course was run for people working with bid tenders. Tenders can be quite complex documents and often rely on information, charts, Excel data and infographics bought in from external software which was the case in this instance. This bespoke training course was hosted for a construction company who generally wanted to up their InDesign skills and work with tender documents. Prior to the InDesign Training any Microsoft Word text was pasted straight in to InDesign losing its formatting on the way so the delegates were delighted when they learnt how to bring in text with styles into InDesign and to work with linking to Excel charts and datasheets.


    Some of the things covered on that tailored training were:


    Placing Word Files

    Mapping Word Styles to InDesign Styles

    Microsoft Office Options

    Importing Excel Spreadsheets

    Linking InDesign Tables to Excel

    Working with Linking

    InDesign Utilities – Data Merge & Scripts


    Contact us to discuss this InDesign / MS Office training content in more detailsl


    Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop Training for schools

    A combination course this was a tailored Adobe Lightroom Course and Adobe Photoshop course for a school in Lincolnshire. It was hosted for the Photography and Media departments who were particularly interested in getting a broad understanding of Lightroom to add to their school curriculum later this year. It was a straightforward approach to the Lightroom Training with a basic overview of its tools and tabs and how these could be adapted and used for the students. It was much the same approach to the Photoshop training element where we looked at layers, selections and special techniques. There were three people on the Adobe Lightroom Training in Lincolnshire each with differing skill-sets and areas of interest so it was decided to split the day up into two with the Adobe Photoshop Training in the morning and Lightroom Course in the afternoon.


    Photoshop for Print Workshop

    A print company with a number of delegates with varying skill sets looking to focus on both print production and updating current skill sets. The prime objective was for the delegates to be able to get accurate colour prints out from Photoshop for their printers predominantly their litho printer. Therefore the Photoshop Course focused on quite specific print techniques including colour separations, half tones, spot colour management and profiles. 


    Photoshop Poster Design Course in the Midlands 

    This Photoshop Course was held onsite at Rufford Golf Club in Newark. The course criteria was specific, the dlelegates wanted to create, design and publish their own posters. In effect bringing the whole process in-house and save the company some money. There were three people all at introductory level on the Photoshop Training which was run over two days. We began at the very beginning then over the course built up on the design side by using vector shapes, the pen tool and working with blending and opacity masking. 

    Adobe MasterClass Training & Adobe Captivate Course

    This was combined bespoke training, the five day Adobe MasterClass plus a one day tailored Adobe Captivate Course (this particular Captivate Training focused on working with historic PowerPoint slides}. These were imported into Captivate and new eLearning content modules were generated.


    The whole objective was to produce professional and effective content on a global eLearning platform using Adobe Captivate 


    Adobe Photoshop Web Graphics Course

    Another totally tailored training solution which focused on creating images for multiple social media platforms and working with GIFS to design truly stunning web banners and headers.


    Microsoft Publisher Course – Tailored

    This was run for a group of 10 delegates in the South West and tailored towards giving their documents a more professional polish. It included working with graphic techniques, styling documents using themes and styles and also page set up including printers marks such as bleed and slug. (Which can be tricky in Microsoft Publisher). All of these were then purposed for PDF output. Elements from the Publisher Advanced Course were included as were the companies own requests


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