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    Posted on 23rd April 2018 by Greta Powell

    Illustrator Training Tips

    As well as introducing you to its tools and features the Illustrator training is also packed choc a bloc with hints & tips for more effective working within the software. One of the features covered on this Introduction to Illustrator course are the basics of designing and producing artwork such as logo’s. 


    And one of the tools covered on the training is the under-utilised but highly effective Width tool. Take a look at the mini video tutorial on using this tool.


    Illustrator Width Tool


    This particular tool has its origins in Illustrator CS 5 and all you need to activate the width tool is to draw a shape which in the Illustrator tutorial below is a circle


    Draw out a circle or shape using the shape tool in Tool’s


    Hold down Shift to create a perfect circle


    Ellipse tool in Adobe Illustrator













    Once the shape has been drawn out leave it selected 


    Go to the ‘Width Tool’ found under what used to be referred to as ‘Pucker & Bloat’

    (these are found further down the drop down)


    Press Shift + W to quickly activate the tool


    Width Tool in Adobe Illustrator











    You then simply move the cursor along the stroke.


    Click and Drag from the centre to increase the stroke width



    Using the Width Tool in Adobe Illustrator

    For a more in-depth look at Illustrator’s width tool take a look at the video below





    Using the Width Tool in Adobe Illustrator – Part 2

    Camtasia Training

    This small video tutorial was put together using Camtasia – if you’d like to know more about my Camtasia training courses, Captivate Training, Articulate Training please take a look at the links above or get in touch with me for an informal chat about your training requirements.


    I run Illustrator Training Courses in-house across the UK from introduction level through to advanced level. Tailored training is also available – again, please get in touch for an informal chat about your Adobe Illustrator training.


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