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  • Basic Vector Shapes in Illustrator

    Posted on 21st July 2019 by Greta Powell

    Vector Shapes in Illustrator

    A very short post today to share a handy Illustrator tutorial link on working with Basic Vector Shapes in Illustrator on the Adobe website. It is an extremely clear and progressive tutorial that shows you how easy it is to created artwork from very basic tools


    Obviously on the Introduction to Ilustrator Training course you will learn how to create, edit shapes and to work with lines and paths to build your own original artwork. Because they are ‘live shapes’ you can continually edit them with no quality loss whatsoever. However in the meanwhile why not take a look at the Adobe Tutorial.


    Illustrator Shapes Tutorial

    Using Illustrators shapes this tutorial will show how they can be adapted to create stunning illustrations. You will find out how work with shapes by combining, reshaping then colouring them in this lovely Illustrator Tutorial about designing buildings from Adobe.


    Visit the Illustrator Tutorial


    Learning to work flexibly with primitive shapes and paths opens a wide gate. As you work more with Illustrator you will be able to create vector artwork that can be developed to fit around your own brand perfectly, all of which can be added to your CC library for use in all your Adobe applications. These can all, of course be used as well for print, web and social media


    Recent Illustrator Training Course in Coventry

    For example on a recent Illustrator course in Coventry shapes were used in some of the processes used to create social media icons, buttons and matching elements for infographics.


    You can take a look on our new Greta Powell Training Instagram account of one of the examples produced by a delegate on the course who had never used Illustrator before.


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