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    Posted on 27th December 2017 by Greta Powell

    Graphic Design Training

    This Graphic Design Course is designed to fast track you into design using the main applications – Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator. On it you will learn the process of enhancing and manipulating photography, work with layout and design your own vector artwork. The course is onsite at your premises. This can be virtually anywhere in the UK including the Midlands, Leicester, Derby, Birmingham, Lincoln, Nottingham, York, Oxford and all cities across the UK. 


    These Graphic Design Courses are perfect for both 121 sessions and closed company groups and are ideal for companies looking to trim costs by bringing their design in-house. This is a versatile course aimed at those who wish to create, design and publish their own materials without having to rely on external studios. Unless otherwise requested all the Adobe Courses are run at introductory level but according to individual ability these can always be mixed and matched with other level Adobe Courses.



    You are more than welcome to get in touch for an informal chat about your Graphic Design Training needs and the direction you would like to take with any of your Adobe Training. On this Graphic Design Course you will learn the main elements of each piece of software and how by working with them together you can create, design and publish your own publications for print or digital. It also covers the elements needed for graphic design including working with colour, type, putting together digital mood boards.



    InDesign & Graphic Design Training

    The InDesign course teaches you how to create and layout documents using grids, work with paragraph styles for consistent text. Working with the images created in the Photoshop part of the Graphic Design Course you will learn how to create beautiful text wraps using both clipping paths and the text wrap panel. Again as part of the Graphic Design Training you will work with colour and typography to create highly communicative, branded and attractive professional documents.


    View the full InDesign Course here 


    Photoshop & Graphic Design Training

    On the Photoshop Training you will learn how to work with photographs and work with tools and techniques to give your photographs that extra pop. Once you have learned how Photoshop works you will then refine techniques such as selections, layers and colour to produce professional graphics for both print and digital output. This is a course ideal for anyone totally new to the software or looking to build on their current skills. As part of the Graphic Design Course these graphics are then included into the InDesign training as part of the design process.


    View the full Photoshop Course Content here


    Illustrator & Graphic Design Training

    Adobe Illustrator training part of the course shows you how to work with vector graphics to produce vibrant colourful artwork for both digital media, print and the web. On the Illustrator course you will learn how to use type to produce individual logo design, create vector based social media icons, work with charts and create basic infographics.


    View the full Illustrator Course Content here


    Laptop Hire

    Short of a laptop or 6 for the training?  If so, then I can supply up to 6 laptops and projector and take care of all aspects of your Graphic Design Training Course please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your needs.


    Graphic Design Course Info

    The training is run over 5 days and breaks down to two days Photoshop Training, two days InDesign Training followed by a one day Illustrator Course. As with all the training this has a very fluid approach and can be customised to suit individual need.


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