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  • Pantone Colour of the Year – 18-3838

    Posted on 28th December 2017 by Greta Powell

    18-3838 – Pantone Colour of the year

    So sometimes I do ‘get it right’ – my website had a major overhaul earlier this year but we opted to keep the same colour theme as the previous one and yes its pretty much the same shade as 18-3838. Its very rare when training most days that Pantone Swatches don’t get a mention, its normally the opposite


    Short History of Pantone Colours

    Pantone began life in the early 1950’s owned by the printers M & J. Levine Advertising but the foundations that are known today were founded in 1962 when it was purchased by a long term employee Lawrence Herbert who’d been there since 1956 (my birth year – weird or what?)



    Pantone was originally a tiny company that created colour cards for cosmetics but with the new owner came a new broom which swept shades of colour away in seconds and by 1963 it had developed the first ever colour matching system. 


    In essence Pantone is a giant colour matching system which standardises colours in order to clarify colours match perfectly without people intervention. One way it does this is with the CMYK model, a four plate colour print method that uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to produce perfect color.






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